I've battled depression (you know that little voice in your head? Ya, mine wasn't being very nice). I've battled food. Man oh man, have I battled food (I'm gluten/dairy/fructose intolerant)! I've dealt with a HORRIBLE cycle...you know the one I'm talking about, it's been bad. I've been overweight and out of shape and uncomfortable in my own skin.

I had a gym membership for over 15 years, but every time I went (rare), I would look around the club and feel frightened by the equipment, because I had no idea what to do with it. Then I would hop on an elliptical for 20 minutes and promptly leave. 

Several years ago, I still had a gym membership, but it wasn't being used and I was preparing for a trip to Maui. I had heard about Crossfit and how it basically makes you look like those 'Crossfit' people (you know the ones). So I joined a local Crossfit gym and expected to get ripped in 6 weeks time.

When I finished the intro to Crossfit course, I started going to classes. Even though I'd just been trained in how to 'do' Crossfit, I still felt very insecure. Everything was so new. I was uncomfortable because it looked like others knew what they were doing and I was sure I had bad form and looked pathetic. I felt silly and I had a darn voice running through my head saying "I can't do this." I wanted to quit when I'd only just begun.

I didn't quit.

During Crossfit, I had a coach watching me, reviewing my form, and encouraging me along the way. I felt like such a burden, but the key to me showing up to Crossfit was in having a coach who I'd communicated my schedule to and who would give me crap if I didn't show up.

Eventually, I made some friends at Crossfit. We encouraged each other. We cheered each other on. If one of us didn't show up when we said we would, others would ask, "hey, where were you?" Suddenly, I had a big community, a tribe.

My transformation wasn't quick, I struggled with food. I was an emotional eater and a late night mindless muncher.

With the support of my coach, and a gym sponsored challenge to get me focused, I saw progress. It wasn't the 1 month quick-fix I'd hoped for, but I was moving closer and closer to my goals.

Something else happened along the way. I became a happier person! I felt empowered. I had learned how to lift weights, new muscles started showing up, and my self confidence was once again in a healthy range. I finally felt comfortable in my own skin and my pregnancy weight had slowly shed away. (Transformation doesn't happen over night!)

I was enjoying working out and being fit, and then life happened. My kids' schedules didn't work with the Crossfit schedule and our budget was tight, so I decided to take some time off and focus on making dinners for my family and being around a bit more often. Not only did I stop going to Crossfit, I gave up exercise entirely. I started eating poorly. I gained weight. I became depressed. Really depressed. I was struggling with food intolerances that made me feel nauseous. My period was back to being crazy (sorry, TMI!), and I was having other strange side effects from eating foods that weren't agreeing with my body. I didn't want to get out of bed in the morning. I cried a lot. I didn't even know why I was crying half the time. It was bad.


After I almost completely ruined Christmas with a dose of depression, I knew I HAD to fix what had been broken. I knew that Crossfit had given me something special. I had a supportive coach there and I had teammates who encouraged me to be better; I needed that back in my life. Without good nutrition and exercise in my life, I was completely out of balance. There was still a problem though, my schedule (and budget!) wasn't going to allow me to spend time at the gym. I wanted to be home with my family. I wasn't willing to give that up in order to go to the gym - I really value family time. But what's family time if it's with a tired, grumpy, downer of a mom?

So I decided to make a change. I had to. I was introduced to a fitness program that looked fun. (Not that I thought fitness sounded fun at that point.) I invested in a challenge pack and joined a challenge group where I met people like me - people who for some reason or another, couldn't make it to a gym, but knew they needed to make a change for themselves. I committed to working out at home and I focused on cleaning up my diet.


And the best news? It worked. I feel amazing. I'm getting results. My body has healed and my head has very little self doubt running through it these days. I'm getting my workouts done in 30 minutes from the comfort of my living room, which is AWESOME (I never thought I'd say that)! I get to set a good example for my kids, by creating a healthy lifestyle right in front of them, day in and day out and they even enjoy jumping into my workouts with me!

That is why I decided to be a health and fitness coach. I want others to experience the joy that comes from living in a healthy body. I want others to see that they too, can build an income from home, doing something that is so completely empowering and energizing. This is about being in good health, both mentally and physically. It's about enjoying and living life fully!

Thanks for visiting and taking time to read my story.


Shauna Myron