1st day in the life as a working mom

Here I am, sitting in my cube.

Trying to write a blog post without getting caught surfing the web is more difficult than I thought. You see, our team moved from the 6th floor down to the 1st floor. My cube is more like a stall and my computer screen is not so hidden to the passer by.

Why would I dare waste company time by writing on my personal blog you ask? Well you see, coming back from maternity leave is like being an alien landing on earth. These people weren't prepared for me. I don't have network access. The phone in my cube is dead. The boxes I'd packed up are locked in a storage cabinet and no one seems to have a key. Thankfully I had taken my laptop home during my time away.

I've called about 12 different people and left messages about these various issues. So far one person has called me back. The fact that about half of the people I called are on vacation might contribute to the lack of returned calls...but come on, if you're the Leave Of Absence contact and you knew one of your LOA employees was coming back to work on one of your vacation days wouldn't you try to make arrangements so that employee wouldn't come back to earn a paycheck only to be sitting in a cube not able to do a penny of work? I would.

My biggest task of the day has been trying to get a key to the 'Mothers Room'. This special room is where mothers go for a special break. Okay, who am I kidding...it's not that special. We go there to pump. The person in charge of this room and the keys to this room is out on vacation until July 20th. Our admin is super awesome and she so kindly taped up some wrapping paper on the giant window in an office up on the 6th floor (remember I'm now on the 1st floor). I took my stuff up there and closed the door only to find out there was no lock on the door. This office location was not in a very remote location, so the lack of lock was a no go for the pumping feat. I located another pumping mom and was able to borrow her keys to the mothers room for the time being. She is still needing to pump throughout the day, so actually getting the key, going to the mothers room, returning the key, cleaning the parts, and getting back to my desk is quite a long task. I'll be surprised if I get any work in with things going the way they are!

Work? Oh yes, that's what I'm here to do. Right.

I have had 2 meetings today - that's work, right? I feel I would be cheating if I didn't tell you that the 1st meeting was with my team and was only about 5 minutes long. But still...it was a meeting, no?

I also managed to hit up starbucks around 10am. I went with Sarah....who happens to be on my team. So that was almost like another meeting - could it be that I have had 3 meetings already today? Can I please count this important errand as a meeting? I was at T-Mobile when I went on the coffee run....and I was with a T-Mobile employee and I'm sure we must have said something about work at some point along the way....so there, I think I can justify this as yet another meeting.

Whew, so 3 meetings, no network access (= no email or calendar), no mothers room key, low cube walls with loud neighbors, very minimal brain function (which is GREAT on a day that I failed to get much sleep the night prior) and on a more positive note, my husband is sitting 5 floors above me!! :)

Okay, it's time to go on a hunt to find keys...my body told me it would like to go take a break from this stressful blog writing. Did I mention that I'm trying to make it look like I'm working...and that I'm trying to hide the fact that I have this blog page open? That's why it's stressful.