Halloween candy count - what's gluten free?

We went trick or treating tonight. It's an event that I'm not entirely convinced is really something we should do. It just seems strange that we celebrate haunted things and dress up - I did it as a kid, so it must be okay, right?

Now that I have kids, I'm questioning the holiday (just like I'm sure my own parents did). What's the point of it? Shouldn't I know the point by now? Dressing up, knocking on doors, saying "trick or treat" and getting candy - is that all there is to it? Are we just going with the flow? Does anyone have a good definition of what Halloween is to the average American family??

As a rule, er no, as a lifestyle choice, we don't give our kids candy. I'm pretty sure Hailey had no idea what it was until we went to a family event and someone thought they'd be the cool Uncle. She was fine without refined sugar in her life. I was fine with it too (let's be honest here, I'm the one that has an addiction to sugar!).

All that aside....we went trick or treating with friends tonight and it was a good time. The kids loved it. It was cold out, but it was so cute watching them go to the doors, knock. and say in those cute little voices, "TRICK OR TREAT!".

But oh the candy. They wanted to eat it all as soon as we got back to the house! A couple of us are gluten-free, so we immediately grabbed the candy buckets and started sorting. Being that I'm an avid candy-a-holic, I had a pretty good idea of what was okay (and to be honest, I wasn't being all that strict since Hailey doesn't appear to have an issue with gluten). But this reminded me once again, that sooner than later, I will need to be diligent in the candy sorting task as Charlotte will need all the help I can give her to ensure that she doesn't get an accidental dosing of gluten.

That said, here are a couple of helpful resources you can use to figure out what candy is safe for the gluten-free:

Are you sure your Halloween candy is Gluten-Free?

Gluten-Free Candy (as of October 2011)


What's your take on Halloween? I'd love to hear your thoughts!