Technology-Less Tuesday: Discover your unique ability

I'm having a date with my husband tonight.

It's so important that we find ways to connect with our partners and not let life get in the way of our relationship!

What's TLT? Read about it here: Technology-Less Tuesday

Have you taken time out of your week to date your partner? It's so rewarding, you should try it tonight.

In all honesty, I'm a little scared of tonight's theme. Deep thoughts are bound to surface. But I'm so excited to make some new discoveries and hear about what drives my man (and maybe discover something new about myself).

Here's the deal. Put the kids to bed, put away the phones, ipad, tv, computers, etc and then sit face to face with your partner to go over the following 9 questions:

Q #1: When was the last time I felt that my life was most meaningful?
Q #2: When do I feel that I’m offering the best of myself to others?
Q #3: How do I express the best of myself to others?
Q #4: When do I find that I’m the happiest and what am I doing?
Q #5: What past three experiences have brought joy and happiness into my life?
Q #6: What comes naturally and effortlessly to me?
Q #7: What do others think comes naturally and effortlessly to me?
Q #8: What are some of my hobbies? What do I do for fun?
Q #9: What activities have brought fulfillment and passion into my life?

Spice it up, light a candle (why a candle makes everything more romantic is beyond me, but hey, it seems to work that way - so light some candles tonight!).

Try it. I hope you have fun dating your partner!


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