TLT Recap: Well that was a doosy!

Last night's Technology-Less Tuesday (TLT) was, for the most part, a success. The kids were tired, and went to bed early (score!). My husband brought home some GF pizza from Garlic Jim's for dinner because I was having a bit of a rough day (Charlotte was a bit sick, extremely needy, and wouldn't let me put her down so I could make dinner).

With the girls in bed and the list of questions printed out,  I lit some candles and we settled onto the floor of our living room with a blanket and a glass of wine. If I told you that I was super excited about this TLT at the start of it, I would be lying. I was tired. I wanted time to myself. I didn't feel like getting in a 'deep' conversation with my husband.

That's just it. I realized that making the time to focus on our relationship is what TLT is all about - because all too often, I AM too tired and we end up not focusing on each other, but rather, doing something like catching up on our favorite TV shows (The Office anyone??).

So it was a bit of a rough start, but I managed to get over my case of the grumps and dove into the list.

Wow. The questions were hard!

My husband was looking forward to this exercise as he's been trying to figure out where his passion lies and what he's good at (in hopes of doing something he really truly loves for work instead of just going to a corporate office from 9-5 and doing what he's good at, but not passionate about). We made a few new discoveries about ourselves in doing this activity.

Even better was that we uncovered some interesting things about how we communicate with each other and discovered how we could make improvements to our relationship through better communication. We didn't really think we had an issue with communication prior to this exercise and it's not so much that we had an issue, but that there was an opportunity to do better.


What a good night it turned out to be! We ended up staying up too late because we were so involved in answering the questions set before us. We didn't even finish. Questions 8 & 9 were left lingering. I really wanted to conquer them all - that was the point of this TLT after all, right? My husband had to remind me that no, the point was to connect with one another....the questions were just a guide. So off to bed we went.

I'm curious, does Technology-Less Tuesday sound like something your relationship could benefit from? I challenge you to join in next week! It's really an incredible time to focus on your relationship in a new way. Will you do it?