New bread recipe in the works

Just a quick note to say...I made some amazing Gluten-Free bread today - and I made my own recipe (I even wrote it down)! A few more taste tests and if others love it as much as I do, I will be posting the recipe real soon.


My goal was to make a lighter and fluffier loaf than the Better Batter Brioche sandwich bread I've been making lately. I also wanted to reduce the cost of my weekly loaf and still keep it super simple to make.

I used some caraway in it and it's totally satisfying my craving for sourdough bread. I'm planning on making it without the caraway tomorrow to make sure it's good plain - I have no doubt it will be. Now if only I could figure out how to get my loaves to quit collapsing in my bread pan when it's cooling (it only collapses when I use the new pan)...  Who knew a brand new high-end 'made in the USA' bread pan could be so hard to figure out??