30 Weeks

It's really weird to think about having been pregnant since June. Time flies and now I'm 30 weeks...3/4 of the way through my first pregnancy. It's exciting and overwhelming to think about.

We are going to have a mini me to raise - what characteristics will she get from me and what will she get from her dad?

Sometimes Pete and I have what we call 'oh crap' moments - where we are looking at my belly, or feeling her move...and we suddenly become overwhelmed by the huge responsibility we're about to take on. And then we wonder - will she get my stubborn side? Will she be a leader like her dad? Will she be shy or will she be outgoing? Will she have blue eyes or brown - blond hair or brown? These questions excite us, but also scare us when we think of our faulty areas and wonder if we will be passing those traits on to our daughter. This whole child rearing thing sounds so fun when you're on the outside looking in, but are we ready to handle the responsibility of raising kids so soon into our marriage?

We are excited and feel blessed - don't get me wrong. It's just scary at times and to be honest, my hormones are kicking back into high gear (I cried several times over random things on Friday). Weird things are happening to my body, I'm getting stretch marks and noticing new moles all the time. Thankfully I have a wonderful husband who treats me like gold and makes me laugh - even when I'm having a cry. I can't wait to see what features our little girl got from her daddy - and to hear her laughing and see her expressions. It's just such an amazing thing... I've been watching friends and their kids lately and noticing the funny little things they do that reminds me of their mom or dad...and it just puts me in awe of the whole creation process.

Anyway, on to crafty things...

Kim B. saw the nursery and told me about a pattern for little birds that I could make into a mobile (thank you Kim!). So....I did a search, found the pattern and then went to the fabric store and bought little bits of fabrics that I thought would fit the colors of the room. I started making little birds when I got home! Notice...I haven't sewn the tails shut - I despise hand stitching (blah blah blah)! My sewing skills are quite rusty but thankfully the birds are getting better as I go.