Weekend Review

The weekend started off with a trip to Greenlake on Friday evening. The purpose of our trip was to pick up the race packet for the 5k I'd signed up for in June. The race was at 8am Saturday morning and everyone was advised to pick up their numbers and shoe tags the day before so that the lines weren't super long on the morning of. I was amazed at the set up as it was quite large and when I asked how many people were signed up - the answer was 5,000. Wow, WHAT!? It turned out that there were somewhere around 2,000 women on race day (I'm assuming quite a few didn't show up - the bib numbers started at 1 and went up to 5000). After picking up the packet we walked across the street and enjoyed some spaghetti while sitting out front at Armondo's. We tried to go to sleep early that night...
The next morning I woke up at 5:30 (the alarm had been set for 6am). It was probably a good thing because even though I got up so early we were barely to the race in time (we tend to be late for things these days). It would have been perfect timing if I hadn't needed to empty my bladder before running. The line was really long at the portables so I opted for Starbucks.
The line was long there as well and it was super slow (even though the women were using the men's restroom too!). At about 8am I was still in line and someone told us that the start time had been delayed 5 minutes due to the backup at the bathrooms. So I got to go and I made it back before the herd was let loose. The 5k went really well and I beat my personal goals.

I learned a very important lesson at this race...Do not wear cotton when running in public! I was a little embarrassed when I saw the pics...I knew I'd sweat more than usual, but I hadn't realized it was *that* bad. Whoops!!

After the race we basked in the morning sun on the rooftop of Starbucks and enjoyed some treats. Then we strolled along the lake quite a ways before I started looking for my phone and couldn't find it. Pete called it about 4 times and I held the diaper bag up to my ear and I didn't hear a sound. I searched and searched through the bag and couldn't find it. I was sure I'd left it at Starbucks. Pete called and asked them to go look for it up top where we'd been sitting. We got to Starbucks and they reported that they didn't find the phone. We went up to check it out ourselves and asked a few people if they'd seen it. We didn't find it there. So I searched through the diaper bag one more time and like magic, my phone appeared. When we got home I decided to work in the dirt a bit. I got my banana tree planted and filled in the area with a few new plants and some black beauty bark - I had no idea they made black - but seeing that it said 'natural' and it was a little less than the other stuff, we got it - and I really like it. Then we cleaned up and headed out to a BBQ. I was ready for bed early by the time we got home (and we got home quite early)!
Today we were up early (7am due to Hailey waking up). We went to the 9am service at church - that was really early for us.
Our church is in the middle of building a new sanctuary (we currently use a large multi purpose room which serves as a gym during the week for the school). The service ended a little early so everyone could go check out the new building and write names and scriptures on the walls. It was pretty awesome to see so many people writing on the walls.

After church we went to get some donuts at Chucks....only to find out they are closed on Sundays! I even passed up donuts at church because I'd been so excited to get a chucks donut!!!!! We went to QFC instead. I was really on a donut kick this morning.
We had a fairly relaxing day after church. I fell asleep on the lounger on the deck and Pete and Hailey cuddled up and napped on the couch inside. Hailey and I continued our lazy day while Pete went to work on installing a cat door. :) We're hoping the litter box will be a thing of the past soon. Pete also mowed the lawn and changed some outlets - it was quite the productive day for him! I did some trip planning (still not done) and finally got some laundry done (quite a feat!!).

Oh, I almost forgot - today I put Hailey's hair in a ponytail and it was SO cute. I just love that girl!!!

Going Cheap

I love a good deal.

Pete hates spending money on anything.

I love decorating a house.

Pete thinks decorating is a waste of money.

We bought a 1980's house that had original light fixtures.

I wanted new light fixtures.

Pete didn't want to spend money on light fixtures.

We found basic light fixtures at Costco for $5 each - I convinced Pete that these would be better than what we had (little did I know).

Pete installed the lights sometime last winter.

More than HALF the time I flip a switch to turn on a light it DOESN'T turn on - it makes this high pitched noise right after the light flashes on then off. Then I have to wait and turn the switch off and on again usually 2 more times before the light will actually come on.

Thankfully we found 2 nicer new in box light fixtures when we were at St. Vincent De Paul one day and we scored them for $2.50 each. Pete replaced the fixture in Hailey's room and I love it. The other fixture is sitting on the floor in the man cave and has been for months. I just tried to turn on the hall light and it flaked out. That's why I decided I must sit and post a rant about it here.

Sometimes YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR. And other times you get lucky and find awesome deals at thrift stores (my secret hobby). Now if only I can convince Pete to switch out the hall light already....

Little Itsy Bitsy Baby haileY (LIBBY for short)

LIBBY had her 6 month check up today. She weighs a whopping 12lbs 1.5oz and is in the 5th percentile. She is going down on the curve - which happens to be the wrong way...so I'm supposed to try to shove in another feeding during the day. That's in addition to the 3 times a day of solids fed to her after nursing.

She is 25" long (I think it might have been 25 and 1, 2 or 3 quarters, but I forgot the take home paperwork at the office and they are mailing it to me - then I will be all official). LIBBY is in the 25th percentile for height (if I remember right - again blaming the missing paperwork).

LIBBY is healthy as a clam (are clam's healthy?).

Weekend review

We had a rather lazy weekend. I was going a little stir crazy on Saturday, so we packed ourselves into the car and headed out to run some errands (we didn't even know which way to turn out of our driveway - the goal was just to get out of the house). We ended up picking up a latte for me and a smoothie for Pete and made way to Issaquah, figuring there was something there we could waste our time on. We started at REI. We looked at bike things, camping things and running things. Lots of looking and no purchasing! :) We walked over to Target from there and found a few new long sleeve clothing items for Hailey. It seems that all we have are dresses for her and on the cooler days we've had a hard time finding warmer things for her to wear. We also picked up this handy travel seat. We thought it might be helpful to take on our trip to Italy next month. This contraption packs away real small and will fit on most chairs. And it was only $20 - which I thought was pretty decent considering I didn't have to make it myself! We tried it out today...Hailey didn't like it so much, but it probably didn't help that I put her in it when she was ready to eat.

We left Target and headed to the antique store. I LOVE antique stores and thankfully Pete didn't mind going. We spent over an hour in the antique store and I found quite a few items that I wouldn't mind having (as always). We found this little car and couldn't help but have Hailey pose for a picture on it. Thankfully it was $95 so it was really easy to pass up. She did a great job holding herself on it though! She seemed to like it.

Next up - Bellevue. We went to some car lots to look at trucks. Not the nice new shiny trucks, but the old beat up dingy ones that they had listed at way too high a price. We figured looking at a variety of trucks would help us narrow down our search. We had fun - as much fun as you can have looking at used cars I suppose.

One thing to note, Hailey has been extremely mommy focused this weekend. When Pete was holding her at one of the car lots she wouldn't take her eyes off me. If she was fussy, I would hold her and she would cuddle up and settle down. It was very sweet how she was so cuddly, but also not helpful when it came to bedtime. The last few nights she has been up several times in the night...and not just up to eat, but up crying a lot and then eating for 1/2 hour periods (unusual since she's usually a 10 minute eater). We're not sure if she's teething or just fighting a little bug...whatever it is, it's sad to see her get so upset (we're talking SCREAMING and SCREAMING when we put her down for a nap or for bed).

After another rough night of sleep (or lack of), Pete let me sleep in today. He took Hailey downstairs to play so I could get some rest. It was SO nice to sleep in SO late (we missed church, but decided it was a wise thing to do since it probably would have been a difficult service to get through with Hailey being so needy). Later in the morning Pete and Hailey came back upstairs and joined me in bed. Hailey slept on my chest as I laid on my back - it's been SO long since she's done that! The weekend has been full of cuddling and comforting Hailey..t. I held her close at bedtime tonight and just closed my eyes as I swayed back and forth....remembering that my girl is growing up and I need to treasure these times with her - even if she's not feeling well. We're hoping she's back to normal tomorrow for Lita and Roxanne (special visitor for Hailey!). They have a big day of fun planned!

Happy Monday everyone!

What's Next?

What was up with the weather today? It was a bit gloomy - something I'm not used to at this time of year. Pete and I slept in until 11:30 this morning (I got up to feed Hailey at 7:45 and then Pete got up and played with her for an hour or so while I went back to sleep and he and Hailey eventually came back to bed and fell asleep cuddling). The cats stayed in the same place all night and all day...sleeping. Hailey slept an unusually long nap this morning. Is it the weather making us all so lazy???

I have had a TON on my mind lately and have failed at posting any of it. So here is my first attempt....

I've been back at work on a 30hr/week schedule for a whole month now (though I am putting in close to 40 hours every week). My mother in law comes all the way from Auburn to watch Hailey on Monday and Wednesdays and I drop Hailey off at my mom's on Thursdays. I work from home on Tuesdays and as needed on Fridays. I like the schedule. It gives me just enough time in the week to slip on the old thinking cap and get all those wires connected and really working. I'm still exclusively breastfeeding - meaning I'm pumping at work 2-3 times a day. I've gotten the task down to a good 15-20 minutes. It's certainly not the most glamorous thing I've done...and the number of bags I carry to and from the office is a bit absurd. I was supposed to be back full time at the start of August. I'm not so fond of the idea and don't have full time child care lined up (I haven't tried too hard or at all...). My boss gave me until the end of August to get it figured out. The end of August is when my mom's commitment ends and also when my mother in law's jury duty begins. I'm not ready to quit work and I'm not ready to leave the house 5 days a week to continue my employment. With the whole going back to work feat I've been very 'eh, we'll figure something out' and then at the last minute we get the details figured out (i.e. who's watching Hailey wasn't finalized until several days before I was due back). I'm VERY lucky to have a very understanding boss and a pretty awesome team. If I didn't like either of them, I'm sure I would have quit, but the honest truth is that I'm enjoying getting up in the morning and leaving for work. Hailey seems to have a great time with her grandma's too...which is what makes me even more comfortable with what we have going. Too bad it's due to end at the end of the month. The big question now is this: What's next?

As some of you may know, Pete was in a head on collision 2 weekends ago. It sounds pretty bad doesn't it? Well, thankfully he walked away without much damage on his body. He had said he had a green light, but when the guy that hit him also claimed the same he questioned whether he really did have a green light or was negligent. Great news came in this week - the other driver ran a red light. WHEW! Huge relief for both Pete's ego and our pocket book. We have been surviving okay with just one car, but it does take a bit more coordinating. I think we're going to get a rental car tomorrow. We hadn't wanted to get a rental until we knew who's fault it really was and who's insurance was liable. We didn't have collision coverage on the truck since the value wasn't very high and if it had indeed been Pete's fault it would have been an unexpected expense. The insurance company determined that the truck is a total loss, so now we're waiting for an offer to come through. We hope it's a good one considering the truck had pretty low miles for a 1997 and was the top of the line dakota with 4wd and all. The big question here is: What's next?

In other news, I started training for a 5k. I am doing the couch to 5k program and just completed day 1 of week 6 tonight. I am NOT a runner. In fact I've always been one of those "I hate running" people. I have been pretty down about the baby weight as I haven't really lost any weight since right after Hailey was born and I'm not a fan of this new shape. I had decided not to buy any clothes for my current size, but I've lasted in this size for a bit longer than I had anticipated. My friend Kirsten told me that she ran a half marathon and I was SO impressed. First, she's not a runner, and second, a half marathon is LONG! I was inspired. She told me she had found a training program online and trained for the marathon for 3 months. Being that I wanted to drop a few sizes and get back in shape I decided that I better start working out and setting a goal like this was just what I needed to get off my rear. I'm not the kind of person who can just go to a gym and keep a commitment though. Most of my friends probably know I'm a bit pathetic in the commitment department. I have a commitment to friendships, but I'm not always quick to commit to marking anything on the calendar to keep the friendships alive and going. I'm just a bit recluse that way. Oh ya, back to the topic at hand - working out... The only other real success I've had with working out was when I had my friend Lara, who's also a personal trainer, train me for a month and a half or so. I committed to it until we bought our new house and at that point I decided that it was money we should save rather than spend on my well being (excuses excuses!). I actually showed up 2 times a week when Lara was training me and she worked me out HARD! Then I got pregnant. Pregnancy was an excuse not to do much of anything, so I ate horribly the first trimester and proceeded to do what you do when you are pregnant and gained weight (the last trimester couldn't have helped...I ate ice cream EVERY night!). Here I am, 5 months after Hailey was born and still carrying that extra weight. So to make this really happen, I signed up for a 5k. Now I HAVE to train. My goal is to run the whole thing. My latest accomplishment was running 20 consecutive minutes on Monday. That sounds so easy, but for the non-runner it was a feat I was very proud of. After the big race on September 12th the big question is: What's next?

Obviously the theme of this post is all about what comes next. There's a lot of uncertainty in our future which is really quite fitting considering the commitment issues I just wrote about.

I have quite a bit more on my mind that I'd like to share... Including (but not limited to) my frustrations with my new and not so improved post pregnancy brain. It seems to have lost quite a few cells through child birth and this has been weighing heavy on my mind lately. But alas, you are spared for now as it's about that time when I should be heading to bed and giving this poor brain a recharge.

Au Revoire

July - Whirlwind month!

Hey there, it's been quite busy over here. Here's a little overview of what we've been up to the last 2 weeks or so.

Last weekend we drove up to Bellingham to celebrate my nieces 2nd birthday.

We picked up Pete's new Traitor bike while we were there.

This weekend we celebrated my cousin Kelsie and the upcoming birth of her baby.

My mom came before the shower to help set up. She parked in front of our neighbors house in 12" deep river rock and happened to get her heavy car stuck. Pete spent a better part of the morning trying to dig out the car. My dad and his friend showed up to help. They ended up using our truck to tow the car out. This is the cat leg neighbor...and we have a feeling that he purposely put 12" deep river rock in front of his house so that people would learn their lesson and never park in front of his house. He's a bit crazy from what we know of him...

Our cat Willy decided to show up at the start of the shower after being gone for over two months. We can only recall him coming home one other time since Hailey was born. Just the week prior I had decided that he must have been dead or a neighbor moved away and took him with. He's still very large, as if he's been eating canned food...or bunnies. One nice thing is that he's purring now. It was strange how he seemed to have lost his purr every other time we'd seen him. Now he's very friendly and happy to see us (although he is begging to be let back outside).

In an effort to flee the baby shower Pete was involved in a head on collision. He made it sound like a fender bender when I talked to him on the phone (he didn't tell me the airbags deployed because he didn't want me to worry)...so we carried on with the shower.

He was lucky and only suffered a welt on his arm from the impact of the airbag.

The car that hit the truck didn't fare so well. Everyone in the other car walked away uninjured.

After the shower I picked up Pete from the side of the road. He had been walking towards home after the truck was towed away... We headed down to Renton River Days to see what the fuss was all about. It was HOT. Pete bought me my very own sling (I've been borrowing Kim's)!

Today was HOT again. Hailey tried on a dress that I wore when I was a baby. Here she is modeling it. :)

Pete helped me finish the bird mobile. It was really hard to get it to balance so we changed the method and got it done. Pete hung it just before Hailey's bedtime. She LOVES it!

After Hailey went to sleep I went out the door to complete Day 2 - Week 4 of my 9 week 5k running plan. I really didn't want to go, but Pete reminded me that the 5k I signed up for is on Sept 12th and with that, I faced the heat and completed my run. My goal is to run a 5k. I have bigger running goals, but I figured this is a start...since in general I hate running. This plan has been great though, it starts off really easy with walking/jogging intervals and each week it increases the run time.

Tomorrow we go back to work. Yup, that's right...I'm still working. It's gotten much better and I'm doing pretty well pumping. Once Hailey started sleeping through the night (just over a week ago - maybe 2) I pump at 11pm and 1st thing in the morning (when I'm full from skipping the 4am feeding). Speaking of pumping.....I just realized that I haven't yet pumped tonight and it's 12:30am! Ack! Pump, then bed.

Hope you all enjoyed the beautiful weekend!!

Working mom: Part 2

I had asked my boss if we could arrange for me to have a reduced work schedule upon my return. I asked for a 30 hour work week and the following is the schedule I came up with.

Monday - Office
Tuesday - Work from Home
Wednesday - Office
Thursday - Office
Friday - Work from Home as needed

Hailey's Grandmother Cassandra (aka Lita) is coming over on Mondays and Wednesdays and my mom is taking Hailey on Thursdays.

I felt so guilty as I walked through the front door yesterday. I don't know if that feeling will go away or what just yet. I could tell Hailey really had fun with Lita...she was all grins and couldn't stop looking at her and smiling when we got home. I wanted her to act like she had missed me, but she didn't seem like she did. I guess it's a bit early for her to get into acting. And I don't really want to be a stage mom....

We discovered that Hailey ate 14oz while Lita was here...and I pumped a mere 7oz while at work...so that made me a bit nervous. I didn't get as many pump breaks as I would have liked. I pumped twice and I think 3 times would be a bit better. I tried to pump last night and it seemed to be a dry spell. That made me even more nervous. :( If it comes down to staying home so Hailey can have breast milk, I'll do it. We really don't want to get into the formula business and I value that more than a paycheck I guess.

I just heard that someone dropped a little envelope off at my desk. Maybe it's the key to the mothers room! That would be wonderful and would make me less nervous to go in tomorrow. Yesterday afternoon I finally got a sign up sheet emailed to me (after leaving quite a few messages with various people). I signed the doc stating that I wouldn't loan out my key, etc and turned it in. So official...

More on the 'going back to work' adventures later. Time to get away from the laptop for a bit. ;)

1st day in the life as a working mom

Here I am, sitting in my cube.

Trying to write a blog post without getting caught surfing the web is more difficult than I thought. You see, our team moved from the 6th floor down to the 1st floor. My cube is more like a stall and my computer screen is not so hidden to the passer by.

Why would I dare waste company time by writing on my personal blog you ask? Well you see, coming back from maternity leave is like being an alien landing on earth. These people weren't prepared for me. I don't have network access. The phone in my cube is dead. The boxes I'd packed up are locked in a storage cabinet and no one seems to have a key. Thankfully I had taken my laptop home during my time away.

I've called about 12 different people and left messages about these various issues. So far one person has called me back. The fact that about half of the people I called are on vacation might contribute to the lack of returned calls...but come on, if you're the Leave Of Absence contact and you knew one of your LOA employees was coming back to work on one of your vacation days wouldn't you try to make arrangements so that employee wouldn't come back to earn a paycheck only to be sitting in a cube not able to do a penny of work? I would.

My biggest task of the day has been trying to get a key to the 'Mothers Room'. This special room is where mothers go for a special break. Okay, who am I kidding...it's not that special. We go there to pump. The person in charge of this room and the keys to this room is out on vacation until July 20th. Our admin is super awesome and she so kindly taped up some wrapping paper on the giant window in an office up on the 6th floor (remember I'm now on the 1st floor). I took my stuff up there and closed the door only to find out there was no lock on the door. This office location was not in a very remote location, so the lack of lock was a no go for the pumping feat. I located another pumping mom and was able to borrow her keys to the mothers room for the time being. She is still needing to pump throughout the day, so actually getting the key, going to the mothers room, returning the key, cleaning the parts, and getting back to my desk is quite a long task. I'll be surprised if I get any work in with things going the way they are!

Work? Oh yes, that's what I'm here to do. Right.

I have had 2 meetings today - that's work, right? I feel I would be cheating if I didn't tell you that the 1st meeting was with my team and was only about 5 minutes long. But still...it was a meeting, no?

I also managed to hit up starbucks around 10am. I went with Sarah....who happens to be on my team. So that was almost like another meeting - could it be that I have had 3 meetings already today? Can I please count this important errand as a meeting? I was at T-Mobile when I went on the coffee run....and I was with a T-Mobile employee and I'm sure we must have said something about work at some point along the way....so there, I think I can justify this as yet another meeting.

Whew, so 3 meetings, no network access (= no email or calendar), no mothers room key, low cube walls with loud neighbors, very minimal brain function (which is GREAT on a day that I failed to get much sleep the night prior) and on a more positive note, my husband is sitting 5 floors above me!! :)

Okay, it's time to go on a hunt to find keys...my body told me it would like to go take a break from this stressful blog writing. Did I mention that I'm trying to make it look like I'm working...and that I'm trying to hide the fact that I have this blog page open? That's why it's stressful.

Adventures in Computer Land

**I removed the video because it starts playing when you visit my page...I need to work on a solution to that problem before I post more videos.**

Hailey's new thing is to type on the computer. She gets a bit frustrated if I have her in my lap at the computer and I don't let her 'play' on the keyboard. I'm surprised all the keys are still working, there's been quite a bit of drool dripping (see video).

Hailey's Bedtime

Every night we do the same thing as a nightly bedtime routine.

1. change diaper
2. change into pj's
3. read 2 books
4. hugs and kisses from mommy & daddy
5. crib time

Hailey has caught on.

By step 3 she takes on a new personality. She protests this night time ritual by using that cute little voice and those sad tears.

She used to enjoy our reading time - now it's just a sign of what's to come. As soon as the 1st book opens, it's time to whip out the tears.

We are finding that book time if often accelerated with a simple "the end" and the closing of a book.

We put her in the crib and she cries a little more...and then - silence.


Hailey likes hanging out with her big cousins Sylvia and Ella. For Christmas Kim and Daphne bought the girls these cute dresses in Hawaii (thank you!). Kim and I didn't call each other and coordinate the girls outfits so we thought it was pretty awesome that we had put them in their matching dresses on a day they would be together.

I'm so excited to watch all the cousins grow up together! Hailey already looks quite a bit like her Myron cousins and I'm sure in no time she'll be following them around and begging to be part of their big kid games... How lucky we are to have them so close!

If only Saben and Annika lived closer!! We would love to spend more time with them...
What fun times we have ahead of us! :)


There was a time back in the beginning of April that we thought Hailey was sick. She wouldn't sleep, she was screaming and we didn't really know what to do. So we got out our new thermometer in hopes of finding out if our little Hailey had a fever. To our surprise and disappointment the battery on our brand new thermometer was dead! Even worse, it was not a standard battery so it took a few days and stores before we got a battery replacement. In the meantime Pete rigged this little contraption pictured below using a different battery (wrong size). Hailey didn't have a fever.
She is currently fighting her first cold. She's all congested and has been sleeping a lot. It's not fun to see her with such a scratchy throat and runny nose, but it's encouraging that she's still smiling!

It feels like summer has arrived

I don't want to jinx it, but doesn't it feel like summer has finally arrived? We're loving the sun and I'm feeling so blessed to have Hailey as an excuse to stay home and do nothing. The other day she took a nap and I went out on the deck and read from my new magazine - Body and Soul. Pete got me a subscription for $4.95 - it was a deal of the day on some website and it was a surprise for me...such a great one as I love this magazine!

(right after we moved in...freshly painted deck)

Anyway, we are enjoying the weather and really enjoying our deck despite it's peeling paint. :( Pete's summer project looks to be about 970 square feet of deck....the snow this winter really did a doosie on the deck and now we have rotted boards throughout. We are learning that it takes a lot of time and effort to properly maintain a deck. At least Pete says that our large lawn takes less time to mow than the lawn at his old house - because he has a riding lawn mower and does it at full speed. Hailey and I have fun watching him cruise around on that thing. I need to fashion a beer holder on it so he can really let loose and go wild on the lawn. ;P

Hailey has been totally awesome lately. Having a night time routine is working out real well - I'm glad I checked out this book at the library, it's been a big help. Around 8pm we change her into pj's and then we read 2 books to her. Then we put her in her crib and no matter how tired she is, she cries until she falls asleep (it's usually about 2-5 minutes). The first week was not so easy as she cried and cried and cried...but after a good week or two, she's going to sleep much easier and staying asleep. We tried hard to ignored her cries in the middle of the night and she learned to soothe herself right back to sleep - now she only wakes once (most nights - it's not always peachy keen). She sleeps until somewhere around 4am when she has scooted her way into the top corner of the crib and wakes herself up. She eats for about 10 minutes and then she goes right back to sleep until 7:45ish. It's been SO nice to get sleep and to know what to expect during the night!

Tonight I was responsible for bringing punch to a birthday party. It was so good I thought I'd share the recipe with you all. I wanted to spike it, but I didn't (I might do it next time - will keep you posted). I found this recipe on MarthaStewart.com and it was so easy and delish (what more could you ask for in a punch?)! This is a great one for summer parties....everyone loved it!

Raspberry-Lemonade Punch
Makes about 12 cups.

* 8 cups (2 quarts) ginger ale
* 3/4 cup powdered lemonade mix
* 4 cups (16 ounces) frozen raspberries
* 4 cups ice

1. In a large pitcher or punch bowl mix the ginger ale and lemonade mix. Before serving, stir in the raspberries and ice.

At the party we played the special modified version of Balderdash (everyone makes up an answer rather than using the real answer and you have to guess which answer the person reading the card wrote). The theme of the game turned into "poopy underwear" - it got a little ridiculous as several answers every round had something to do with poopy underwear. That game is great for getting a good laugh in!

Whelp...time to go get some beauty rest before my girl gets me up nice and early. Enjoy the weekend everyone!

When I was a girl...

I wore neon spandex and had my hair permed

my mom and grandma made me dresses and I always complained that they itched to try to get out of wearing them

I was scared to talk to boys...especially the Gough boys because my mom secretly wanted me to marry one someday

I had a huge collection of model horses

I had horses and my friends wanted to ride them for fun. I didn't ever want to ride them with my friends. I didn't think it was fun because I rode almost every day practicing for horse shows.

I always wanted to play with my brothers and their friends. I would hang around them when they were riding bikes on their ramp and was always the annoying little sister. They would tell me to go away, but I stuck around

my brother Kyle and I fought ALL the time

my brother Jason would tackle me and then tickle me until I cried

I had a 'boyfriend' when I was 13. We sat next to each other at church and never talked in person. We talked on the phone sometimes until a *friend* 3 way called me and didn't tell me he was on the phone...she asked me if I still liked him and I told her he was kind of boring because he played video games all the time. That was the end of that

I thought I'd be married at 21 and have a kid at 23 - just like my mom

I wished that Kim was my sister

I was in cooking and sewing 4-H and later horse 4-H

I was in awana, kwam and then youth choir at church but was always insecure about my voice

my cats were named Kramer and Newman after my dad's favorite Seinfeld characters... He named them.

My favorite song when I was 13 was Brian Adams - Everything I Do. I recorded it on tape from the radio and listened to it over and over

A glimpse into our lives

Life has been pretty busy here at the Myron household. This past Friday night we went to our neighbors house for dinner. They have 5 kids - 4 boys and the youngest, a girl. The boys were excited to tell Pete some jokes and were all fighting to talk over the others and win Pete's attention. It was great to get to know some of our neighbors - and we appreciate the invitation into their lives.

Kari (my sister in law), Hailey and I went to a plant sale on Saturday morning. She helped me pick some fragrant plants for our deck. As I wandered through the sale I couldn't help but think of the extra work I was creating for myself by purchasing plants! I love gardening, but I don't have many flower beds at this house and it's been kind of nice not having to go out and pull weeds! I was SO tempted to buy some tomato plants, but I refrained since I don't yet have a garden to plant them in. After the sale we went to University Village where we met up with Kim (my other sister in law). We stopped into Anthropology to browse the sale section then Kari and I wandered over to a restaurant that was serving breakfast. I LOVE breakfast! Our time together was cut a little short when my mom called Kari to tell her Saben (my nephew/Kari's son) had thrown up all over himself and the car. My parents had gone to the park with the kids while Kari and I were out shopping. They brought the kids to U Village so Kari wouldn't have to backtrack to get them on her way back to Bellingham. My mom, dad, Hailey and I spent some time shopping together since the traffic in the area was pretty bad. I finally got to visit Land of Nod and Village Maternity (I'd never been to either of these shops before). Hailey got a new hair bow, so she was pretty excited...
While I was out shopping all day Pete managed to get a ton of work done at home - including fixing our hot tub! By about 11:30pm it was finally hot enough to enjoy. I was so excited to use the hot tub. I had been pregnant for most of the time we've lived here and so getting to enjoy the hot tub was an exciting event! Hailey slept soundly in her crib while Pete and I sat out in the tub listening to the frogs and gazing at the stars. By the time we were in and showered Hailey woke up to eat....and then didn't want to go back to sleep. This made for a very long night. We did manage to get up in time for the 12pm service at church in the morning and Hailey slept right through the whole service (go figure). We went from church to visit Caleb and Raeanne in Kent. We got home only to leave again to head to our bible study. Hailey was very well behaved. Each week all the girls take turns holding her and staring at her... We keep bringing her in hopes that some of them will get the bug. ;P
On Mondays Hailey and I go to "baby dance". It's a class at the community center for mothers and their babies. Hailey got dressed up in her dance outfit for the occasion this week and I couldn't help but do a little photoshoot (it was the 27th after all - officially making her 2 months old). :) She has so much fun in class. We dance around the room, sing songs and then I get to do some exercises using her as a weight. She loves it when I put her on my shin and move my leg in circles! This week we learned how to do a baby massage too. She enjoys looking at the other babies in the class and really likes it when I sing to her (turns out I need to brush up on my 'kid' song library though as I can't seem to remember any of the standard songs). Hailey was so excited about dancing that she rolled over on the couch to celebrate! I was amazed at her trick.

Every time I've put Hailey in her green dress she immediately spits up on it - without fail. And it's not just the little spit up, she really goes for it (she doesn't spit up much any other time). This is the dress her daddy picked out for her to wear home from the birth center. It was way too big then (even though it's newborn size) and now it's just a little too small (I can't get the buttons on the back done up). I wanted to remember her in this dress, but getting a picture of her in it has been a challenge. She wore it on Easter and before we left for church she spit up all over it. I took it off her, rinsed the top and then used the blow dryer to get it dry before we headed out the door to church. She lasted through church, but then as soon as we got to my parents house...she spit up on her dress and I had to change her - all before getting a picture of her in it. So....I put the dress on her this morning in hopes of getting a picture. I got a couple...and then it happened. Doesn't she look so proud of herself!? Sorry daddy, I guess she's not the biggest fan of this dress...
You may have heard rumor that we are potty training Hailey...and yes, it's true. It's a really simple technique and seems to be working. Basically I spent some time paying real good attention to Hailey to figure out her potty cues. When she 'eliminates' we make a "PSHHHHHH" sound. The idea is that they begin to associate that sound with eliminating. After about 2 weeks of doing this I decided to try holding her over the toilet to see if it would work. I held her, made the noise a few times and then she did it! She pooped in the toilet and then peed! It was quite a celebration. One less diaper to change is music to our ears. :) So we're continuing to do this noise when she goes. We're not trying to be obsessive about taking her to the toilet but I figure if I can at least get her going in the toilet a couple times a day I'm already cutting out a bunch of diaper changes and saving us some diaper money. I've found that if she doesn't need to go she squeels and then shakes her head back and forth as if she's saying "no". I'm probably reading too much into it, but I'd like to think she's smart and understands that as a way to say no. Anyway, I don't have it on video yet, but if you need to verify with someone that I'm not making this up...her Auntie Kim witnessed her pooping in the toilet yesterday. Even under pressure, Hailey pulled through! :D

Hope you are all enjoying your week! I see the sun is trying to come out so we might use this as an excuse for a date with the ipod and stroller for a walk by the river today.

Over and out!

I used to write

Back in the day I used to write really well. I would write and write and write. So I started a blog thinking I might start writing again, but it wasn't the magic starter I thought it might be. I often sit here facing my blog and draw a blank - so I post pictures. Sometimes I write things and then delete the text and just post the pictures.

What happened to my mad writing skillz?! Have I lost it forever?