I know it's really early and all...I'm just entering week 12 of this pregnancy...but this morning I felt something totally weird and cool and I swear it was the baby. I felt this fast fluttering in the lower left side of my belly - Pete asked if it was my stomach, but I'm sure this was in my uterus and not my stomach. It happened after I bent over to dry off my feet after a shower...and I stood up and there it was. It lasted for a little while. I realize this could be fluids and the baby is supposedly too small to feel, but since I'm feeling like throwing up right now (typing this as I lay on the couch next to my cube) I'd like to just pretend it was the baby I felt.

I've been feeling a bit like I'm not pregnant the last week or two. Don't get me wrong, I'm still totally out of energy and have been continuing to throw up at random times. I think it's just that my belly isn't growing and so I feel like it must be a fluke. The flutter this morning made me think "there really IS something in there!!!". So call me crazy or whatever...but I'm just going to go on assuming my baby was trying to tell me 'hi' this morning. :)

UPDATE: After feeling the baby 'for real' I have since decided that this 'first feeling' was not the baby...but I'm sure it was something related to the pregnancy...