Hobbies and things

I know I've written about this before, but here I am, back at it.

I used to stunt motorcycles. I LOVED it. It wasn't for show, or for being one of the first girls around doing wheelies...it was purely because I was in my element and loved doing it. It was me.
Call it bad luck or whatever, but some pretty crappy things happened which caused me to put stunting on hold (a bike was stolen, I had mechanical problems, etc).
Then Pete and I got married and from that point on we've been quite busy with married things and I hadn't spent too much time thinking about my motorcycle hobby. I sold my motorcycle last May because I wasn't happy with my new problem bike and because we were buying a new house and it seemed the money would be useful in a down payment. We still have Pete's bike...which I rode a few times up until I got pregnant 3 months into our marriage.
So here I am. A wife and mother.

Pete wants me to have a hobby and I do too. I tried sewing, but if you remember, it just wasn't for me. I've racked my brain, but all I come back to is my love of stunting and how much I miss riding.

So the battle in my head begins. Do I quit my hobby because it's more dangerous than say...sewing or scrapbooking? Stunting can be dangerous when you don't know what you're doing, but I pride myself in being a smart stunt rider and by taking small steps in my learning so as not to do something stupid and crash hard (crashing is part of the game, but much like horseback riding, it's knowing how to fall that saves you).

So to make my mental turmoil even worse...my stunt friend Jessica and her buddy Alicia came up from California this past weekend to do a stunt show and they stayed at our house.
Watching them ride was fine and all, but deep in my heart I wished so badly that I was riding with them.

My purpose for riding is not so I can do shows. I want to ride for my love of the sport. Sure, if I was offered to be paid to do a show sometime down the road...I might do it (who wouldn't want to be paid for doing something they love?) - but that is not my goal or motivation and I won't be upset if I never do a stunt show.

I feel like stunting is a part of me and right now, I'm a bit lost without it.

Selfish? Maybe. I don't really see anything wrong with being a mom with a hobby though... as long as it's not interfering with my parenting I'm just not sure it's a problem.

Do I want my little girl to look back and see that her mom stunted motorcycles? Heck ya I do! Sure my time will be much more limited now, but at least down the road I'll be able to tell Hailey that she can do anything she sets her mind to and be a living example of that.

I don't know where I'm going with this...but I guess stay tuned to see where this goes - if anywhere at all....