I love craigslist (and my mom)

I guess my mom had trouble sleeping last night too. She sent me several emails with links to items on craigslist in the middle of the night last night.

We just ordered the crib - haven't picked it up though (babies r us has to ship cribs from the warehouse to the store...so it hasn't arrived). My mom found the same crib 'new in box' on craigslist - and located in the Renton Highlands and it was about $100 less than the price we just paid! So...we called to make sure we can cancel the crib order and we went and picked up the crib today. And while Pete was throwing up (for the first time in about 10 years he says) I set up the crib (I get excited about these kind of things and had to do it right when we got home). :)

Here it is! Thanks MOM!

Here's a pic of the room in it's current state.... Pete's tiling the bathroom floor, so the baby room is the 'holding' area for random bits.


Also, we went to our first child birth class tonight. It was GREAT (even though we're both sick)! We learned a lot already and I'm really glad the birth center recommended this course for us. Pete learned things about how to be supportive and to not try to fix the 'problem' (the whole birthing thing) but to just let it happen and try to go with the flow. I think it was more reassuring to me because I can just see him asking me a million questions when I'm laboring and the teacher made it clear that asking a woman in labor a bunch of questions will pretty much get you slapped or sworn at. So...

It was an interesting mix of people too - 3 couples are going to hospitals, 1 is doing a home birth and the rest are going to the birthing center (9 couples). We talked about why chose the path we're heading down and it was interesting to hear peoples stories. I hadn't thought too much about 'why' I had choosen the birth center - other than - I hate hospitals and have only ever gone there for 'bad' things (people seriously injured/dying) and after talking to Kim about her experiences a bit more in depth, the choice was clear for me.

I was especially glad to learn more about the role endorphines play...and how the endorphines act as morphine for the body, so it's not actually as painful as say...a woman who has an epidural and then decreases the epidural so she can feel and push. When you get an epidural, your endorphines don't kick in like they do when you're going all natural... so that was nice to hear. Of course, I could end up at the hospital due to complications and I bet the drugs would be a little more tempting at that point...

Anyway, in this class we learn all sorts of laboring positions and techniques. I'm excited to learn more... I have been feeling a bit unprepared for the 'labor' part of having a baby, so this is a big help for sure.

And now...at 11:15pm - I am going to go heat up some chicken noodle soup for Pete and me. Ug, I made it this far without getting a virus...and now in the 7th month, here I am with a nose on the run and a pukey husband. :( Weird how we're both under the weather, but have different symptoms (we both had hot and cold chills earlier though). Wish us luck!