In case you forgot...

I hate sewing.

I was reminded of this tonight as I tried to work on a special project for a special someone who my mom and I are throwing a baby shower for this Saturday.

I had just finished the project when I tried to demonstrate my minor 'issue' to Pete and the thing I was working on fell apart in my hands. More like TORE apart. So Pete suggested this simple way to fix my problem. I tried...and I've now spent entirely too much time on it and it's now seeming like a lost cause. I bet I could have made another 10 of these things in the amount of time I've spent trying to fix my one problem project. Ug.

You can see my spot of blood on the project as well as my attempt to 'fix' with ribbon and zig zag stitching.... yup....I put my finger on the rotary blade as I was attempting yet another dumb idea type remedy.


Next time I mention sewing on this blog it better be something along the lines of me selling my sewing machine....