My Favorite: Blender

It took quite a bit of convincing, and at that point, I'm not sure my husband was actually convinced. But in the end, we headed home from Costco with a Vitamix in the trunk of the car.

Oh. My.

I'm in love!

It came with an amazing recipe book and I've been putting it through the paces.

I made mango bread - which sounded weird, but I had a huge box of ripe mangos so I thought, why not? Well, I used Better Batter flour and the recipe was so simple. The bread was incredible!

We've been having smoothies almost every single day. It's so fast and easy - and delicious!

I even made almond milk this morning. So easy - why have I been spending so much money on prepackaged almond and coconut milk when I could have been making them at home?! I'm actually looking forward to grinding my own almond and rice flours. How weird is that?

The possibilities are endless.

The machine is awesome and has totally simplified my life (strange, but true).

One of the reasons I never use my regular blender (which will now be posted on craigslist) is because it's such a pain to clean. Well, all you do to clean the Vitamix is put 2 cups of water in, 1 drop of liquid dish soap, put the lid on, turn it on and run for about 30 seconds. Rinse and you're done!

So easy.

Just a tip - if you have a Costco near you - check their schedule for a roadshow...the machine is about $100 less if you buy it through the roadshow!

Okay, enough infomercial... I last posted about a new bread recipe that I was going to be posting soon..............and I still haven't posted it. What's the deal with that??

Here's the truth of the matter. I have made my new bread recipe about 4 times now and each time, I've tinkered with it. I haven't found the perfect balance and am finding that the bread is getting crumbly after a few days in the refrigerator.

The first time I made it, it was perfect...but then I started jumbling it up. So on my next go round, I'm going to make it the original way I wrote it - and if it's good, I'll post it. No more tinkering.

I will tell you that making bread every week is proving to be AWESOME. We are saving so much money and the bread is SO easy to make. Who knew gluten-free bread baking could be so easy?

My Favorite: Gluten-Free Bread

When I started out on this whole gluten-free thing, I was really sad to give up normal bread.

I love bread.

In the beginning, I tried all sorts of gluten-free breads and they were all so disappointing. Seriously. They were either dense, dry and lacking flavor, or dense, moist, ultra crumbly and stinking of tapioca - it was all disgusting.

Until I discovered Udi's. 1558

Udi's Gluten-Free bread is THE best. There's no need to try anything else (unless you love tapioca and want it in your dense, crumbly bread).

Sign up on Udi's website and you will get a $1 off coupon.

I've tried their buns and muffins and they are perhaps my favorite freezer items (the blueberry muffins are such a wonderful treat!).

I like the whole grain bread the best. I use it most frequently for sandwiches and toast. And though the loaves are small, I've found that it's actually the perfect size. My family is now used to smaller sized sandwiches - in fact, it's a great way to have portion control. :)

The bread is on the expensive side at $5/loaf, but honestly? I think it's worth it. You can find it on sale occasionally (I found it at PCC for $4.39 a few weeks back and stocked up my freezer supply).

Speaking of freezers, Udi's bread does really well in the freezer. It thaws out nicely and never gets soggy.

If you are gluten-free - you've got to try Udi's!

Do you have a favorite GF bread? Do you have any advice for saving money on Udi's bread? Please share your experience in the comments!


Note: I am not affiliated with Udi's - I am writing this review simply because I like and use the product. I hope that by posting my experiences, others will have an easier time transitioning to a Gluten-Free lifestyle.

Review: Better Batter Gluten-Free Flour

I finally used my Better Batter (gluten-free flour) in some chocolate chip cookies last night. 

They turned out fantastic and now I can say, this flour mixture is awesome!

I made the recipe on the back of the bag of chocolate chips and where the recipe called for flour I simply used the same amount of Better Batter flour in place of traditional flour.

The cookies taste just like they did in my good old glutenized flour days. The batter looked totally normal and it even tasted normal - that's not something I can say of other GF flour mixtures I've used!

This is actually bad news for me....

Now that I've successfully used this flour as a 1:1 replacement, I'll be baking more treats. And that equals more calories and sugar in my diet. I'm actually a sugar-aholic...

My next project will be to make a Gluten-Free apple pie using Better Batter flour for the crust.

I. Can't. Wait.

Oh, and for the record...I've had 3 cookies already today and it's only 12:20pm.

I better go to the gym or something...this could be dangerous!

What GF flour mixtures have you tried? Please let me know if you have any GF secrets - I would love to hear from you!


For the record: I am not affiliated with Better Batter. I like the product and hope my short review helps others who might be looking for gluten-free flour options.