Weekend review

We had a rather lazy weekend. I was going a little stir crazy on Saturday, so we packed ourselves into the car and headed out to run some errands (we didn't even know which way to turn out of our driveway - the goal was just to get out of the house). We ended up picking up a latte for me and a smoothie for Pete and made way to Issaquah, figuring there was something there we could waste our time on. We started at REI. We looked at bike things, camping things and running things. Lots of looking and no purchasing! :) We walked over to Target from there and found a few new long sleeve clothing items for Hailey. It seems that all we have are dresses for her and on the cooler days we've had a hard time finding warmer things for her to wear. We also picked up this handy travel seat. We thought it might be helpful to take on our trip to Italy next month. This contraption packs away real small and will fit on most chairs. And it was only $20 - which I thought was pretty decent considering I didn't have to make it myself! We tried it out today...Hailey didn't like it so much, but it probably didn't help that I put her in it when she was ready to eat.

We left Target and headed to the antique store. I LOVE antique stores and thankfully Pete didn't mind going. We spent over an hour in the antique store and I found quite a few items that I wouldn't mind having (as always). We found this little car and couldn't help but have Hailey pose for a picture on it. Thankfully it was $95 so it was really easy to pass up. She did a great job holding herself on it though! She seemed to like it.

Next up - Bellevue. We went to some car lots to look at trucks. Not the nice new shiny trucks, but the old beat up dingy ones that they had listed at way too high a price. We figured looking at a variety of trucks would help us narrow down our search. We had fun - as much fun as you can have looking at used cars I suppose.

One thing to note, Hailey has been extremely mommy focused this weekend. When Pete was holding her at one of the car lots she wouldn't take her eyes off me. If she was fussy, I would hold her and she would cuddle up and settle down. It was very sweet how she was so cuddly, but also not helpful when it came to bedtime. The last few nights she has been up several times in the night...and not just up to eat, but up crying a lot and then eating for 1/2 hour periods (unusual since she's usually a 10 minute eater). We're not sure if she's teething or just fighting a little bug...whatever it is, it's sad to see her get so upset (we're talking SCREAMING and SCREAMING when we put her down for a nap or for bed).

After another rough night of sleep (or lack of), Pete let me sleep in today. He took Hailey downstairs to play so I could get some rest. It was SO nice to sleep in SO late (we missed church, but decided it was a wise thing to do since it probably would have been a difficult service to get through with Hailey being so needy). Later in the morning Pete and Hailey came back upstairs and joined me in bed. Hailey slept on my chest as I laid on my back - it's been SO long since she's done that! The weekend has been full of cuddling and comforting Hailey..t. I held her close at bedtime tonight and just closed my eyes as I swayed back and forth....remembering that my girl is growing up and I need to treasure these times with her - even if she's not feeling well. We're hoping she's back to normal tomorrow for Lita and Roxanne (special visitor for Hailey!). They have a big day of fun planned!

Happy Monday everyone!