Working mom: Part 2

I had asked my boss if we could arrange for me to have a reduced work schedule upon my return. I asked for a 30 hour work week and the following is the schedule I came up with.

Monday - Office
Tuesday - Work from Home
Wednesday - Office
Thursday - Office
Friday - Work from Home as needed

Hailey's Grandmother Cassandra (aka Lita) is coming over on Mondays and Wednesdays and my mom is taking Hailey on Thursdays.

I felt so guilty as I walked through the front door yesterday. I don't know if that feeling will go away or what just yet. I could tell Hailey really had fun with Lita...she was all grins and couldn't stop looking at her and smiling when we got home. I wanted her to act like she had missed me, but she didn't seem like she did. I guess it's a bit early for her to get into acting. And I don't really want to be a stage mom....

We discovered that Hailey ate 14oz while Lita was here...and I pumped a mere 7oz while at that made me a bit nervous. I didn't get as many pump breaks as I would have liked. I pumped twice and I think 3 times would be a bit better. I tried to pump last night and it seemed to be a dry spell. That made me even more nervous. :( If it comes down to staying home so Hailey can have breast milk, I'll do it. We really don't want to get into the formula business and I value that more than a paycheck I guess.

I just heard that someone dropped a little envelope off at my desk. Maybe it's the key to the mothers room! That would be wonderful and would make me less nervous to go in tomorrow. Yesterday afternoon I finally got a sign up sheet emailed to me (after leaving quite a few messages with various people). I signed the doc stating that I wouldn't loan out my key, etc and turned it in. So official...

More on the 'going back to work' adventures later. Time to get away from the laptop for a bit. ;)