Work week blahs

Here it is. Monday.

The evil return of the work week.

I'm having a hard time being back after such a wonderful long weekend.

Blah. That pretty much sums it up.

29 Weeks

It's Christmas Eve and the start of my 29th week. Hooray! The stockings are filled and presents are wrapped. We're ready to welcome our 1st Christmas as "man" and "wife" tomorrow! Hope you all have a wonderful time and that the snow doesn't hamper your plans too much.

Snow day

First things first, after missing for a week and two days, Willy Rumples showed up on our front porch. I had printed up some 'MISSING' signs to post in the neighborhood and was asking Pete if he'd go out and hang them when Pete exclaimed "WILLY!" and opened the door to let him in. The little stinker. He smelled like someone elses house... At least he was keeping warm!

We started working on a puzzle last night...and Pete continued this morning.

I brought the craft room down to the living room...and started decorating my stocking.
Pete eventually joined in. Finished stockings.

Not much for words tonight.

I did happen to write a Christmas letter last night but we still don't have cards or envelopes. Who knows if we'll get them sent out at this point. :-

Great. I found more fabric I love @

Now my brain is going wild trying to imagine up the room. I've had the damask idea in my head for so long, but some of these are REALLY tempting!


The nursery looks pretty bland at this I thought I'd try my hand at photoshop to spice it up and see if my ideas will come together in the end. Pete came in and laughed at what I was doing, so I thought I'd share with you all...

27 Weeks

27 Weeks


Here's a room update... we found a glider on craigslist and my mom is recovering the cushions in black (thanks mom!!!). We changed our minds on cribs once we went and looked in person and are now eying a black crib. I have yet to order the decals for the room, so it's looking a little bland right now. The important thing is I got a clothes hamper and have already been using it as I get new things and toss em in and then do a 'baby' load in the wash. :) Funny how it's so fun to wash and put away little clothes...I'm sure it won't be so fun once it's an actual chore though. In general I hate doing laundry.

Hope you are all enjoying the season! This weather is making me smile. :)

New Tenant

We went to the rental/sale house and cleaned last night.

Upon arrival we discovered mouse poop everywhere.

Not quite the kind of tenant we were hoping to get in there...

Here we go again.

When Pete and I got married we rented out his house and all was well (so we thought).

Well, our renters moved out mid-lease. They didn't leave a forwarding address and have not returned calls or emails. They stopped paying rent in October. We are looking into small claims court, but are not sure what we can do if we can't get papers served to them at a physical location. Also, we probably won't get any money out of them, their credit will just be further dinged - not helping either party.

We listed the house for rent again in October as soon as we found out our renters were trying to get out and have had very little action. We showed the house once and the guys weren't worth handing an application to. The economy and time of year are probably playing a factor in our inability to get any interest generated in the house. It seems no one is looking for a house to rent. And all the apartment complexes seem to be offering free rent. The quality of applicants we've seen in the Benson area has been generally pretty low - bad credit, criminal record, low income, etc.

As such, we've decided to list the house for sale at a much lower price than we had previously listed it (meaning huge loss for us financially). :(


The cost of having an empty house is a big hit on our pocketbook so we had to try and figure out how to stop the bleeding. We decided we don't really want to be landlords of a property in Renton. So...wish us luck as we try to offload this house one way or another. Things are not looking to be in our favor and at this point the house is listed both for rent and for sale at the same time...we're just hoping something happens.

Did I mention that the renters moved out and did not clean a thing? We're going to head over there tonight to try and clean the place up a bit. I'm NOT too thrilled about the work that lies ahead...

Our 1st Christmas

I love Christmas time and all the traditions that go along with it. Considering it's our 1st Christmas as husband and wife, I wanted to make sure we created some traditions together this year.We started off the season by going to a u-cut Christmas tree farm on the day after Thanksgiving. We search high and low for our tree...and finally...found our tree in the pre-cut section. Go figure. Pete was wondering if we should just get a fake tree and call it good, but going out to hunt for a tree in the rain is a tradition I'm not quite ready to give up on.

I always wished my family made graham cracker houses each year...and once I saw Kim and Dave's pics, I knew I had to start this tradition for our family. ;)

Last night we had a few friends from Church over and made a nice mess of our dining room.

Some people (Jason & Katie) used so many crackers that there ended up being a shortage... Others used so much frosting (probably the same two)...I had to make another batch...and even after that we still ran out! Nathan's theme was 'in order to create, you must destroy' (see the monster smashing through the city causing mass destruction?). After looking through Kim and Dave's pics...I realized that we were missing some essential elements (pretzel sticks, m&m's, sprinkles, and ice cream cones to name a few).

Pete had the most thought out and engineered of them all. I felt mine was lacking something (other than frosting and candy), so I added a boy and girl out front. They are roasting a marshmallow over the fire in their yard...

Now I'm off to find some personalized Christmas stockings so we can add this to the list of traditions our family upholds.

Willy the wanderer...

So...big friendly Willers appears to have changed his schedule.

Since we moved to our house both cats have been on a pretty regular schedule. They go out when we leave for work and come in when we get home from work.

Wesley is still on that schedule...but Willy seems to have found out that rabbit hunting is more fun at night because he's been staying out all night and not coming back until the mornings (or not at all). Now that I have made the assumption that he's okay and just out hunting...I've been able to sleep without him being inside (when I didn't know where he was for 2 nights in a row, it worried me).

The End.


Writings by Pete

Pete and I cleaned the garage yesterday and stumbled upon some of Pete's old writings (poems and songs). We had a real good laugh when we came upon a piece of paper which held the words below. I'm not sure if they are in the right order, the verses were scattered too and fro on the page. I asked Pete if I could share it here on my blog and he thought it was a fun here you go - enjoy!

Beautiful Submission

You were so beautiful
In your perfect, white apron
And I thought to myself,
"That's where she belongs."

Cook me sweet nothings

Bake a party for one
But whatever you do
Make sure I'm above you.

Submit, submit
I wear the pants
Submit, submit
You work, I'll dance.

Hard days at work
This, I expect from you
To scrub all the crap
And dirt off my shoe
Thanks, dear. Hut to!

Girl, you couldn't live without me
And you're doin' the best you can
The floors, they sparkle
Cause of your petite, calloused hands.

When I talk, you'll listen
What I say you want to hear
Now please sweet servant
Fetch me a beer.

Aren't you glad you found me
Darling, what would you have done?
Now, please, not a girl.
This time, make me a son.

((Pete was joking around when he wrote these.))

HOORAY! Willy is alive and back home!

After breakfast this morning we wandered around the neighborhood calling for Willy and stopping in at all the neighbors houses with a picture in hand asking if they'd seen him. A few neighbors said they had seen him on Thanksgiving, but not since.

We were talking to the neighbors across the street from us and they said he sometimes sleeps on their porch on a chair...they too hadn't seen him in a few days. As we were talking to them about how friendly our cat is, Willy walked around the corner!!! I'm convinced that someone around there had him in their house. We brought him home and gave him lots of love. We're so thankful for his safe return!!

On our walk we ran into an older couple who were out collecting trash from the side of the road. They said they go 3-4 times a week and pick up trash in our neighborhood to keep it looking good. What a neat thing they do for us!! We thanked them and commended them for their efforts. It's nice to know there are good people out there. ;)



Willy Rumples never came home last night.

He lost his collar a few days ago.

We've gone out and looked for him...


He always comes when we call for him.

Not this time.

Wesley misses him and I do too.

I want my Willy Rumples back!

(prayers for Willy Rumples return would be appreciated)



As Thanksgiving is nearing, I thought I too should join in the blogging world of thankfulness. ;)

I have so much to be thankful for, here's a few for today listed in no particular order....

1. my wonderful husband. No matter what we're doing - if I'm happy or sad he manages to make me laugh. I love that about him (though sometimes it irritates me that he can make me laugh when I'm trying to be in a bad mood).

2. my great family. They are always willing to help out. I'm blessed to have such a big extended family and I look forward to our holidays together.

3. our cats Willy Rumples and Sir Wesley. They are the sweetest cats. They are independent enough to not worry about them, but cuddly enough to appreciate.

4. our house. I love waking up each morning and seeing nothing but nature outside all of our windows. Gazing out at all the trees and hearing the birds singing makes any gray day much brighter.

5. babies. I'm so thankful for the health of the babies being born of late.

6. work. Even though it's work, it's nice to have an income to support ourselves.

7. craigslist. Easy way to get rid of junk and fun way to find new junk to fill the house!


On Monday Pete and I were sitting in our rental car taking a break from walking around San Antonio. I pulled up my shirt to expose my belly and we watched as my belly moved all around. It was really crazy to watch and it was the first time for both of us to see my belly moving as Hailey was doing her daily kickboxing. Yay!

I was reminded of this as I was just now browsing the web and looked down to see my belly moving like crazy. This little girl is quite active!

We're back!

We flew down to San Antonio for my awesome friend Amy's wedding. It was her 3rd wedding to the same man and there were no divorces in between. How does that happen you ask? Well, they had a small beach wedding in Florida (where her hubby Dustin is from) about a year and a half ago (June or July 07) but it wasn't 'legal'...something about paperwork. They planned to have a big wedding celebration with all their friends the following year. Soon after Dustin moved in they went to Vegas and went to a drive up window to become 'legally married' (paper work and all). So they planned for their big wedding celebration...and then found out in October that they were pregnant. That changed things a bit since Amy's due date was on the exact date they'd picked for their wedding celebration. So... the wedding was delayed to November 8th. And that's the story as I know it. :)

It was a beautiful wedding! At the end when the pastor said 'I now pronounce you man and wife' Amy turned to everyone and shouted "For the 3rd time!". It was pretty rad and if you know Amy, none of this should surprise you. She's a pretty awesome gal and I'm thankful to have her as a friend.

I should mention that we stayed in this bed and breakfast right on the riverwalk... It was a really neat building...but the windows were not double pane and the street sweepers and trains seemed to roll by 2 times every hour both nights. It was NOT the ideal sleeping condition if you are a light sleeper. It was one of the least expensive places in the was very clean and well done. I think it was priced lower due to the street noise/window issue. That will teach me...

After spending some time doing the riverwalk, the alamo and the wedding, Pete and I drove off in our cool rental car (toyota corolla) to Galveston to hop on a Carnival cruise ship.
Galveston is still a wreck. Piles of stuff everywhere. Not much other than gas stations open (it was sad to see a Starbucks all boarded up and out of commission - ok, was sad to see whole houses knocked over too).

Don't worry, this was just a mandatory drill we got to be a part of once we boarded the ship. We were packed in like sardines...learning about what we should do in an emergency.

Yes, we took a picture of the towel animals just about every night...

I'm not kidding...

This is what you do on a 'Fun Day at Sea' day.

Rope swing into waterfalls in Jamaica. The water looks so brown because they had a big rain....usually it's very clear. I guess there was a hurricane nearby or something. Late in the season for it, but that's the excuse anyway.

This is the only part I got to go in since they were very cautious with me since they could all see that I was prego. The water was like a massage on my back. I was worried about keeping my suit on the whole time I was sitting there so it was relaxing and stressful all at the same time...

I like this picture. I took it while on our pontoon boat river tour. We saw crocodiles...I had no idea they had them in Jamaica, but they do!

Pete and I enjoyed our fair share of ice cream and frozen yogurt cones available 24/7 on the ship!

This picture was taken as we were heading away from our ship in Grand Caymen. Beautiful water on this side of the island....then we went on our sting ray and reef snorkeling tour on the other side and it wasn't nearly as pretty due to all the heavy rain they had recently.

Pete made fun of the way the mask pushed my lip down. This mask was horrible and I couldn't see much through it...finally I tried Pete's and it was a whole new world under the water! BEAUTIFUL fish and coral! The water was very green out there... I'm hoping our underwater camera pics turn out ok.

These guys dove into the water and brought up these konk shells...proceeded to gut them and then let everyone taste some of the organizim that lives in the shell (what are they called? I have no idea....konk shell creatures?). It was pretty nasty to watch them cut them up. I didn't try it since it was raw...but Pete did. He said it was pretty good.

Cozumel Mexico...and 2 cruise ships unloading at the same time. We had talked with our table mates about hanging out together in Cozumel since we both didn't have any plans. Well, we forgot to set a time and place to meet up so we could actually hang out. Pete and I got off the boat and waited for a bit...but then felt a bit overwhelmed by how many people were coming we went shopping for a bit in the stores that were right at the port. We finally decided to take a taxi to a beach and hope they went to the beach they had mentioned to us the night before. We got in the taxi and were just about to pull away when our table mates shouted at us and Pete spotted them in the crowd. Pete told the driver to hold on...and Rowdy and Cassie (our table mates) told us they'd just rented a jeep and to come with them. Woohoo! Saved in the nick of time! We drove around and found a nice beach, hung out, snorkeled, swam, ate and laid out...and then got in the jeep to tour around the island. It was beautiful! This was our favorite day of the cruise because we got to just go at our own pace and see the beautiful beaches and feel the wind in our hair. :)

This is the beach we hung out at for several hours. It was so very nice!

We wouldn't mind going back to Cozumel...
I got a sweet comb over by sitting in the back left of the jeep. :)

Um, no...I'm not leaking - my suit was still wet!

Told you...we like the towel animals.

We didn't take any pictures on our last day on the ship. It was really windy and the boat was rocking like crazy. I stayed in the room most of the day. Pete went out to get pizza and check out the crazy waves (we didn't have a window in our room since we were traveling the budget route).

We got off the ship and headed to Amy and Dustin's place to hang out and stay the night. This is their son Christian. He's a very sweet little guy. :)

Pete and I spent our last day in San Antonio by visiting the riverwalk and taking fun pics in this red tunnel. :)

All in all, I highly recommend taking a cruise when you're in your 2nd trimester. It was relaxing and exiting and just the right amount of adventure.

Now back to reality and paying bills....


Traveling across California in a mario kart

Last nights dream was that Pete and I were traveling across California in a mario kart. It wasn't gas powered, it just 'goes'. Ours was green with yellow plastic wheels (the whole thing was plastic).

We didn't have much food to start with...and we eventually ran out of food. We traveled through all these mountain passes and finally I saw water (we were heading to somewhere along the ocean). I got excited thinking we were *there*. Turned out the water was a large river. There was a lone house in front of a bridge going over the river. To access the bridge, we had to interrupt a tea party in the front yard of the house and ask if we could pass. The lady told us we could, only if we fed her cats on the way through. There were a ton of cats in this little side yard we had to pass through. We snuck into her house to steal some food as we fed the cats (whose bowl was already overflowing with food).

We got to a HUGE cliff, dropped off of it and the ground below was like a trampoline. It absorbed us and bounced us in the air...when we landed the 2nd time the rear left wheel snapped off. We decided we both needed to sit on the right side and balance the kart on the two right wheels for the rest of the trip.

We finally got to the ocean...but we were too far south. Someone told us it would take us 3 more days to get where we were going, but an hour and a half later we ended up at our destination. My mom was there...she was really dissappointed that we were late and that we looked like we hadn't showered in days. I tried to explain that we were lost in the mountains and that we had ran out of food and had a wheel break off our kart along the way... but she didn't care to hear all that we had been through.

Then I woke up.



I am sitting at work with my feet up on another chair (they have been real sore lately) and my laptop on my lap. I just realized that my phone is sitting on the top of my baby belly - like it's a shelf or something! Wow...should I be embarrassed or proud of my new phone/crumb shelf?