Make today great


Good morning!

It's day 1 at the 2016 Beachbody Coach Summit in Nashville, Tennessee.

Today my mantra is Make Today GREAT!

A sleepless night filled with construction noise outside the window (ALL night) and a party in the apartment above us and sleep was hard to come by. As in, I didn't sleep at all. I tried listening to an audio book and also tried a Pandora sleep station as I laid there, but sleep didn't come.

I'm choosing the happy path today despite the lack of sleep. I had a photoshoot this morning and am so thankful for the opportunity. It was pouring down rain, but I found joy in the situation. I mean heck, my pictures will look like they were taken in Seattle! I am in a training session now and have a team party later.

I will make today great. 💖

Start Doing


Have I mentioned how much fun I've been having out there on my bike?

Here's the thing, I was kind of nervous about getting my own bike. The idea of riding by myself was scary (bears - eek!). And I was worried I'd spend all this money on a sweet bike, and then discover that I don't truly enjoy riding. To add to that, I wasn't sure if my biking friends were going to want to have me, a total nEwb, hit the trails with them. But I went out and crushed those fears by just getting out there and doing!

I've proved to myself that this fancy bike was worth it, I'm feeling even stronger now, and really find myself at peace when I'm riding through the woods.

I had to start somewhere and it took courage to start. We are all a work in progress, but YOU JUST HAVE TO START!

Take your fears and CRUSH them!

Living in fear is not living.

Empower yourself to get going and life will brighten up for you. ☀️😘