10 on 10 on 10 on 10 (a little late)

I've been offline for a while... our cable account number changed when we moved, but I continued paying on the old account...which resulted in having our cable disconnected. Pete was not a happy camper this past weekend as he couldn't play any xbox or watch live tv. I finally stopped waiting for Comcast to apply the payment and figured out that I was paying on the wrong account.

To celebrate 10 on 10 on the 10th of the 10th month I thought I'd actually participate!

Here's a look into a day in the life of me - full time working Shauna:

Booting up with the sun shining in

Walking to lunch with my team & Pete
Walking down the hill
Blinged out Jesus at the Mexican restaurant we ate at

Team building exercise

My teams leaning tower of gummy paper

Leaving the office

Feeding Jason's fish while he was out of town

1 day shy of 18 weeks

Our small group at Married Life Live