13 Month Hailey update

Hailey had a great time collecting eggs on Easter Sunday and I had a great time eating the contents of the eggs. ;) She carried her little basket around and put eggs she found in the basket. It was super cute.

Pete and I decided to go out to dinner to celebrate my last day of work. He had to twist Hailey's leg to get her to eat dinner (kidding - we just happened to catch a funny moment in the picture below and I couldn't have planned such a hilarious picture).
Hailey loves zipping things up and down...this morning I walked into her room to find that she had unzipped her sleeper.
I went to a swim class orientation for swim classes that start this week. Lita came by to take Hailey for a play date last week and we had to show off her new swim cap! :)
We taught Hailey how to properly hold her pizza and eat it. Daddy was proud.
Hailey and I went to the nursery yesterday and she enjoyed her ride in the radio flyer. She wanted to tear the leaves off of everything, so I ended up carrying her most of the time (my left arm is going to be super buff in no time). I got some organic starts for the garden - can't wait to eat some salads from our garden soon!!
I found this red crib on craigslist and just had to pounce on it! I wasn't going to buy a crib for the new baby until at the very least 20 weeks, but I saw this crib and since it was exactly what I was dreaming up in my head (and it was at a bargain used price) I had to get it. Pete picked it up on his way home from work and it's just perfect! It was painted several years ago and so it's off gassed already and it matches the room perfectly! It also came with a mattress - which we might sell - or keep and wrap in BabeSafe (anti-SIDS mattress wrap).
In the time that I've been home Hailey has learned to nod 'yes'. It's funny how much effort it takes - but she now answers yes when she means yes and no when she means no. Here's a sample from this morning. She was hungry, so maybe it wasn't the best time to get a video, but I thought she did pretty well despite me being an annoying mom filming her when all she wanted to do was eat. ;)

Also of note, Hailey now has 12 teeth including 4 molars. Pete noticed teeth marks on her crib last night - guess she needed to take it out on something!