13 weeks...belly sticking out

I don't know how Jenny does it, but she gets really good progress pics. Mine suck. I don't know why, but I just think I look really silly in them. Maybe it's the clothes? Lately I've just said oh screw it, I can't suck it in...this is all hanging out because of the baby so I'll just pretend this bump is the baby - not my left over beer belly.

Upon stepping on the scale this morning it appears that I still haven't gained weight (though I thought I had)...my belly is much more pot belly than before I was pregnant....so....maybe I've puked just enough to put weight on in the boobs and belly and to lose it in my....arms? I guess I have lost some muscle... :(

On a happy note, I went to Nordy's today and got fitted for a new bra. Wowsers! :O I don't know if it's the proper blog etiquette to be posting such things, but I was standing jaw dropped when the girl told me I was a D. I asked her if we should maybe try a C and she was like, no...you are a D - no doubt. And to my shock and surprise...all the D's fit! No wonder these old B bras have been killing me.......