20 weeks, or something like that...

So, I never posted the follow up to the gender announcement. I just haven't had the focus to sit and write I suppose.

We went to our 20 week ultrasound and it was great, the baby looks healthy, though small. So based on the ultrasound, my due date has moved. The doc didn't know what date it would be, he wanted to "run some numbers" and would communicate the new due date to my midwives. He guessed that my due date would end up somewhere around mid-September, like the 18th or so. I haven't been to the midwives yet, so I don't really know my official due date at the moment.

It was neat to see our little girl. It really made it all that much more real. And now that I'm feeling rolling and kicking much more frequently, it's really hard to ignore.

I just started getting noticeable braxton hicks the other day. I felt nauseous and had sharp painful cramping - this was a new feeling for me. I had lots of braxton hicks with Hailey, but they were never like this. They were always a simple locked tight belly and there wasn't pain with them (until a couple days before I delivered when they got stronger and stronger). This new stronger braxton hick thing seems to come predominately in the evening starting around the time we're cleaning up dinner. Kind of strange...but I've heard that the 2nd go round can bring on new things so I'm assuming that's what's going on.

update (I have had this post and a couple others sitting as a 'draft' for a week or so): The strong braxton hicks have faded a bit this week and returned to a more normal level.