My New Kitchen - Ikea Adel White Kitchen

When we decided to remodel our kitchen last year, I searched high and low on the web for pictures of Ikea Adel White cabinets - and I was sad to find very few pictures of remodeled kitchens using these cabinets. It actually made me a bit nervous to go with the Adel white cabinets, mainly because they are slightly off-white and I was so worried that they would look horrible in our house (white trim throughout). But alas, I absolutely LOVE our new kitchen.

Here's the before. We received mail (addressed to us) at our new address on the day we moved in, that's why the silly face. I didn't think to take real 'before' pictures until it was too late, so this move in day pic will have to do.

We recently had our counter tops installed, and we are not yet finished with the tile backsplash, painting, or trim, but I couldn't wait any longer to show you our new Ikea Adel White kitchen.


We removed the dividing wall and moved the location of the pantry and refrigerator - these changes made a huge difference in our kitchen.

 We installed an island with seating - this has become our breakfast spot. Our counters are 2" thick and we have an undermount sink with a touch faucet (LOVE it).

 We have the perfect amount of storage with new cabinets facing into our dining room. I have room for my cook books, and I also have a clean and dirty basket for our fabric napkins (so handy to have a 'dirty' basket right there to toss them into after a meal).

We bought a 30" Smeg range. I love that it has 5 burners. And it looks so purdy.

There are tons of drawers in our pantry, and our refrigerator fits so well in its new spot. The kids have made themselves at home in our remodeled kitchen!