35 Weeks

Looks like I have a bowling ball under my skin doesn't it?

It's hard to believe I'm 35 weeks already - this Wednesday marks 36 weeks - which means I COULD have a birth center birth (36-42 weeks is the 'ok' time to have a birth center birth)! :OThis past Thursday I went to the birth center to get an iron shot (in the rear). As it stands my levels are too low to have a birth at the birth center. They told me "it's serious, but we have time to try to fix it". I should have paid more attention to that statement because I got a bit sad and went into a little bit of a panic - we haven't toured the hospital! I hate hospitals! Ack!! But then I calmed down a bit and realized that the goal of these shots is to get my levels up to a safe place so that we CAN go to the birth center when the time comes. If my levels still aren't high enough at the next blood draw, I will be going in 3 times a week for iron shots. I'm REALLY hoping we don't have to go there...I hate shots - but if it's better for little Hailey and me, it's easier to accept the needle.

Anyway, we have been eating lots of red meat and spinach salads (hence the picture above).

We picked up this little number today and I already got 2 coats of paint on it (it was a bluish gray color). Kim M. suggested using mod podge to put some letters & numbers or story book pages on the back wall of the shelves. Or to use wallpaper. I love the idea. I can't wait for it all to dry and get it set up in Hailey's room! Next task is to find some cute door handles - the ones that were on it aren't very cute at all...