4 Weeks

Here's our sweet Charlotte at 4 weeks old. I haven't really posted much about her yet and I'm not sure I'll find time to do weekly updates, so I'm going to aim for monthly updates. :)

I try not to pay attention to how often she eats at night (I try not look at the time), but I am pretty sure she's up 2 times between 12 (when I've been going to sleep) and 6am (when she seems to have some awake time). Pete was pretty sure she slept a 5 hour stretch last night, but I kind of remember feeding one time at some point? Though I'm in such a daze at night, I might be wrong...

On day 2 of Charlotte's life she showed signs of colic. She was extremely fussy and nursing wasn't the cure. There seemed to be no cure. She would cry for 4 hours between 12am and 4am...

I had a non-fat chai latte from Starbucks the day before last. I've been having soy chai latte's at home and Charlotte hasn't reacted to them but somehow I ordered non-fat instead of soy and boy have we been paying for it. Yesterday was a rough rough day. The evening after I had the chai latte she was super fussy...and it wasn't that she was hungry. She just cried and cried. It continued through the day yesterday. Pete was working from home, but was on conference calls all day...so I was trying my hardest to quiet Charlotte and keep Hailey from bugging Pete. Exhausting! Evening came and I was so happy to hand her off to Pete. It ended up being a game of hot potato, except our potato was a crying baby. Pete would bring her back to me assuming she must be hungry....but nope, she wouldn't eat...so back to Pete she went. She's doing much better today, but still a little gassy (and it stinks!!).

  • She has a really strong neck and was holding her head up well at 3.5 weeks old.
  • She's sleeping is up only 2 times between 12am and 6am
  • cluster feeds