5 Weeks / 20 Months

Charlotte is 5 weeks old this week. She has still been having lots of gas and I've eliminated milk, eggs, chocolate, nuts and coffee. On Tuesday I picked up some gas drops and colic tablets - neither seemed to make any difference and I had a really hard night. There I was plagued with a sore throat and all I wanted to do was SLEEP. Charlotte was very needy and was once again gassy and the only solution seemed to be...

...oh I give up... I couldn't find the solution. I was completely exhausted and at wits end when I (in tears I might add) took Charlotte to Pete (who was on the phone at 11pm working) and handed her to him. Pete quickly ended his call and came in the bedroom to ask what was wrong. Through tears I replied that I just couldn't hold her anymore and I needed some space. So he held her and bounced her and dealt with her fussiness. Now...I feel really bad for having interrupted his work as he's been working on this project at work for 9 months and it was going to launch the following night - meaning he would be up ALL night. He was in the last minute reporting and launch night prep mode and here I was handing him a crying baby. It was the first time I've cried since having Charlotte. I have to admit that my emotions/general well being has been very stable this time after giving birth (yay!). I just really needed a break at that moment. Pete had been working from home all day and even our 7pm dinner was interrupted by a phone call from his boss. And the night prior his boss called at 10:30 and asked if he could do some work (he ended up working until midnight that night). So...I was kind of left on my own with a gassy Charlotte all day and night and by Tuesday night I had just had it. We knew this hard work week was coming for Pete, and it's not like he abandoned me - I was just trying to let him have his 'work' space as much as possible - after all, it was only going to hard for a couple days.

So....Pete ran to the store last night and picked up gripe water (when I was picking up gas drops I meant to get this too, but Charlotte was kicking and crying the whole time I was in the store...so I grabbed the first things I saw and got out of there - forgetting the gripe water). All I can say is sweet alabama, last night was AWESOME. I knew Pete would be up late so I was really worried about trying to keep Charlotte calm in the middle of the night all by myself. But, she was amazing! She fell asleep around 11:30 and didn't wake up until 3:40 and when she did wake up, she was so awake and smiley! I was so happy. She was still passing stinky gas like crazy, but it was just coming out and it didn't seem to hurt her much. Yay!!!! I took her down to Pete to say hi at 4am...and he saw her smile for his first time (she started smiling last week, but it hasn't been all that often so he kept missing them). I was so happy to be awake with a happy baby - I gave her more gripe water in hopes of getting more peaceful sleep and it worked - we ended up going back to sleep around 4:40 and sleeping in until 10am or so (I did feed her at some point between 4:40 and 10am, but I don't really remember what time and thankfully it was a quick eat and then right back to sleep). I love gripe water. Now what I don't know is - how long does this last? Will gripe water be a part of our every day routine now?? I think I'll go read up online. ;)
In other non-gassy news...Hailey still loves Charlotte and gets really excited to see her in the mornings. I put Charlotte in Hailey's crib and just had to get a picture as Hailey started patting her back and petting her hair. It was so sweet.

And look how big Charlotte is! She weighs 10 1/2 pounds as of yesterday. Wowsers! She's very sturdy.
Pete gave Charlotte a bath on Monday (10/25). It was his first time giving her a bath all on his own. I have to admit, he does a better job than I do - he really gets in every single roll and cleans it well. I guess I'm just kind of quick since I usually do it when he's gone and Hailey is lingering around trying to dump cups of water on Charlotte's head...

Lita came over yesterday and Hailey was super happy to see her (as always). I was totally exhausted, so it was nice to have her there to entertain Hailey and also to hold a somewhat fussy Charlotte while I ate some lunch.

Speaking of people coming and holding Charlotte, my mom came by on Monday and held her for a while so I could get a break. I called her and in less than 45 minutes she was here. I was just plain tired (and a bit under the weather) and Charlotte wanted to be held...and well, I know my mom likes holding her - so she did just that! :)

and....in Hailey news...
I think we might be finally getting back on track with potty training (we took many steps back after our 1st camping trip this summer when I forgot to bring the potty seat and we told her to go in her diaper). She's been going a couple times a day on the toilet, but recently it's been more of a before nap/bedtime trick. She says she needs to go and then she sits there to delay her bedtime. This week she's been making a comeback though. We ran to Home Depot last Friday and I was a little surprised and worried when Hailey told me she needed to go. I was worried I would find poop in her diaper and I didn't have any diapers on me. So....we went into the bathroom and she hadn't pooping in her diaper - yay! She sat on the big toilet all by herself (she usually freaks out and won't go on the big toilet - Pete's the only one who's been successful with her going without a potty seat on a big toilet). She didn't go, but it was a good effort and worth a picture (she likes having her picture taken and I was trying to be so proud of her for sitting by herself on the big toilet). And it was good practice as I had Charlotte in the sling and Hailey seemed to be wearing so many layers that day. Ug. Trying to get her dressed and get her hands washed all while carrying Charlotte and my purse....what can I say, I'm proud of myself for doing it all and maintaining my sanity.

So she didn't go that time, or the two times she told us when we were at Scott and Bri's on Saturday night....but instead, her recent thing was all about signaling us after she went in her diaper. Thanks Hailey...

So this weekend we told her she was going to start getting time-outs if she kept going in her diaper and telling us after she went instead of before...and I think it's working! She has been signaling us way more often when she needs to go and has actually been going every time when we take her. Woot! I guess threats can be a good thing? We of course have major celebrations every time she goes...and we wave bye bye to the poopie or pee pee (which she says now) and she gets to flush it herself...I think all these things are helping her still think using the toilet is fun. :)

She woke up crying at midnight last night. Thankfully I was still awake. I went in to cuddle her for a minute and she said she needed to go...so I set her on the toilet and she immediately peed. Yay! I just hope she doesn't start waking up multiple times in the middle of the night needing to go... I don't know if I'd like waking up for 2 kids who are up every few hours!!

You might be wondering how I've found so much time to write this long post...and if you are...I will tell you that Pete asked Cassandra (aka Lita) if she would take Hailey for the day today since he would be lacking in the sleep department. She happily obliged and here I am, typing! It feels good to have some 'me' time while Charlotte is napping. And on that note, I'm going to go grab some lunch now. I'm hungry!