7 week :: 20 months

Charlotte is still constipated. The poor little girl went for about 4 weeks without pooping! :O There were traces of poop in her diaper, but nothing more so we figured it was coming 'the next time' but the next diaper change came and went...and we waited so patiently. Everyone always says that breastfed babies can go a long time without pooping, but this seemed a little strange and she was quite obviously in pain and very very gassy. I guess I forgot to mention in my last Charlotte update that she hasn't been pooping...so there you have it. We've only had about 6 yellow poop diapers since she finished the meconium poop. It's been nice to not have poopy diapers all the time, but a bit troubling.

I spoke to our doctor yesterday since it's been a week since our visit and Charlotte still isn't pooping like she should be. The last real poop was on last Thursday. So...if she doesn't poop by tomorrow, I am supposed to call my doc Friday morning to report and see where we go from there.

I am still off dairy - though for some reason I ate buttered popcorn last weekend and didn't realize at the time that there is in fact butter in buttered popcorn (doh!). I'm now on a gluten free diet and have upped my prune juice intake to 1 full glass/day (large glass). We're hoping things turn around soon.
Charlotte has been really happy between farts... she smiles and coos at me. What a pleasant little girl she would be if she didn't have gas and constipation so often! She gets really worked up when she's gassy - so much that she sweats. If she was our first I'm betting we would be bathing her almost every day...but for now, Charlotte gets really greasy hair and only gets a bath about once a week (it's better for her skin anyway, right?). I don't think we bathed Hailey any more frequently, but I think Charlotte ends up being a bit more crusty by the time we get to her bath...
We're managing pretty well despite the fussiness. She seems to have periods of time where she's reasonably happy. I was frustrated the other day because she wanted to be held while she slept. I kept setting her down and she would immediately cry. I was a bit irritated at first because I really wanted to get some things done around the house. I had to stop and remind myself that she's only going to be this cute little baby for so long and then she will be grown up and telling me "no" - so I really tried to change my attitude in order to cherish my time snuggling her before she grows up. The housework will wait (trust me, I know this all too well!).

Charlotte's baby acne is almost gone. She didn't get it half as bad as Hailey did.

Charlotte's hair is so soft and fluffy - we love to pet it (contributing to her greasy hair syndrome). Hailey lays down next to her on the floor during tummy time and rubs her hand on Charlotte's head.
Hailey still likes her sister. YAY! I asked her to smile for a picture and she stuck out her tongue - where did she learn that?!? It was hilarious and I took about 6 pictures and she had her tongue out in all of them.

Hailey has been a bit mischievous lately. Just the other day while she was sitting on the toilet she took the box of kleenex off the toilet and put about 15 tissues into the toilet - she did the same thing tonight - after she had pooped!!! Ug. Thankfully Pete was home to deal with that one.

Hailey likes to carry the little step she uses to get on/off the toilet all around the house. She drags it down the stairs to the kitchen and stands on it while I'm making lunch...or she'll carry it downstairs to the living room and continuously climb up and jump off it. She cut her lip doing this yesterday...

Hailey has a newish shy side. Exhibit A: The last two times we dropped her off in the church nursery she cried and didn't want to stay there (she always reports afterward that she had fun though). Exhibit B: We went to a friends house the other night and she didn't know anyone there. She was really shy and introverted the whole time.

The other day we (Pete) found Hailey in her crib with her sleeper unzipped and poop on her hands and bedding... I'm so thankful Pete was home to help take care of the mess while I was feeding Charlotte. Unfortunately we seem to have hit the stage where she is extremely interested in her private parts and is always trying to look at them. It usually happens when she's on the toilet, but last week Pete found her sitting bare bum in time out in her room and holding her diaper in her hand (yes, she can now take her pants off too!!). I never thought my sweet girl would do this kind of thing...I'm hoping it's a quick stage and we get through it soon.
Hailey loves playing with her hair rubber bands. We had to move them to a place she can't reach because she would end up grabbing handfuls on bands and scatter them throughout the house. I wanted to put her hair up today and in order to distract her, I gave her the bin of hair bands...she had them strewn about in no time! I got her hair up though...so it worked. Later in the day we went back to the mess and had fun picking up all the bands and putting them back in their little box. Back on the shelf it went.

Hailey also loves playing with the iPad. She knows which icons are for her apps and she only ever opens those ones.
Okay...I think that's it for now. I just really wanted to get some of this stuff documented before I forget it all (I don't think my mommy brain can hold all of it forever...so sad).