9 teeth and a sweet smell

I discovered a 9th tooth in Hailey's mouth last night - a molar! She hates to have her teeth brushed, so I have to force my way and shove the tooth brush in while she squirms and wiggles about and tries to grab the toothbrush. We let her try to brush her own teeth, but she'd rather brush ours that her own. Anyway, as I was trying to brush I swept my finger in there and felt and then saw the big tooth that had broken through I'm assuming it broke through sometime in the last week or so.

Hailey is still doing quite well on the toilet. She is getting easier to figure out. When I ask her if she needs to go and she doesn't answer we go sit her on there and she pauses, looks down and then pees. So potty time of late (the last couple of days) has been pretty quick. Even pooping seems to have sped up as she's getting the hang of it.

She seems to be a picky eater now. Most of her food at mealtime ends up on the floor - something we've been trying to correct (cleaning the floor 3 times a day gets a little old). When she decides she doesn't like something (which is quite often) she quickly grabs handfuls of it and drops it to the ground. We have tried flicking her wrist right after she does it, but that doesn't seem to be working. Telling her 'no' isn't working either. She ends up just shaking her head no as she looks at us with defiance in her eyes and slowly releases her handful of food and onto the floor it goes. It's SO hard not to laugh at her sometimes. Other times we give her just a teeny bit of food...but it will still get to the floor if she doesn't want it. She'll even fake us out and act like she's going to eat it and then she'll toss it across the kitchen. I'm going to have to get a bit more creative on what to feed her as she's just not enjoying the simple things she used to like and most things end up on the floor.
Hailey has a sweet smell this week. We've washed her face time and again, but she still has this really sweet scent. Pete thinks she smells vinegary, but it's a sweet smell to me! It's pretty strange. I even gave her a bath and she still smells. Maybe it's her new sweaty scent?

Speaking of sweat - Hailey seems to get sweaty feet whenever we put socks on her. And her feet stink after they sweat! I find it quite funny...I'm like, you are such a sweet little girl, why do your feet smell like toe jam!? But they do. So she spends quite a bit of time without socks on at home. We bath her, I swear we do!!!

Hailey is also on cows milk now - the transition was complete last week as we ran out of formula. We had been slowly mixing formula and milk and decreasing the formula as the weeks went by...and alas, we're done with the dry stuff now.

I'm taking Hailey for a follow up shot today - hope it's as easy as last time! She was a champ and didn't even seem to notice the shot and was more entertained by the band aide than anything last time.

Now to figure out what she might possibly eat for lunch before we leave for the appointment today....