A blog post about the kids again...

Charlotte is now 7 months old! She's been scooting around for a while now. She doesn't have the arm crawling movement down, but she is getting pretty fast at getting up on her hands and knees, moving her knees forward and then launching her face into whatever is in front of her. She moves around the room so fast now I'm a little worried that I need to get more serious child proofing done around here. Hailey was slow to crawl and by the time she did it didn't seem like there were many threats around. This time with Charlotte being so young and moving about, I just see danger everywhere. I'll be working on childproofing soon.

It's so crazy how time flies by with two kids.
Hailey is now talking up a storm. At times she drives me totally crazy with her non-stop talking, but for the most part it's pretty awesome. The times she drives me nuts are when I'm either breastfeeding and not real mobile or when I'm on the phone with someone at like say a bank. It's hard to discipline her at these times, let alone focus on the call at hand. I think she's really seeking some alone time with me right now. Pete and I have been talking about it a bit and I'm hoping to find some time to spend with her one on one real soon. Charlotte isn't the best napper so it's quite rare for me and Hailey to be able to play without Charlotte being in the picture. I'm thinking a solo trip to the children's museum or zoo is in demand.

Charlotte was up crying most of the night a couple nights ago. I'm pretty sure she's got another tooth coming in (she just got the lower right front tooth last week). She had a slight fever and we couldn't get her to be quiet....quite frustrating. Hailey woke up several times in the middle of the night due to all the commotion. We were in and out of bed too many times to track. Then the next night...same thing. I'm happy to report that last night Charlotte slept all the way through the night (8:30-7:45am)! Let's hope that continues...
I went to the dentist last week to have a troublesome crown replaced. Since the day they put the original one in 5 years ago I have been unable to stick a fork on that side of my mouth and it would randomly bleed - gross right? Well, I had been back for adjustments on it a bunch of times and we talked about replacing it...but by that time I was newly pregnant with Hailey and they wanted to wait until I wasn't pregnant to do it. Life happened and before I knew it I was pregnant again and hadn't dealt with my achy tooth. At this last cleaning I finally made the appointment for my free crown replacement. So in I went last week and got my crown. Days later my tooth was more sensitive to cold than it had been and I went back for an adjustment. Now again.....days later - I'm still in a lot of pain! I'm so frustrated with this tooth/crown. I just want my tooth to quit being a problem. It's seriously driving me nuts as the constant pain won't fade. I'll be going back to the dentist again this week (3rd times a charm?).

PS - I FINALLY posted a trip report from our February Maui trip. Go HERE to view it.