A glimpse into our lives

Life has been pretty busy here at the Myron household. This past Friday night we went to our neighbors house for dinner. They have 5 kids - 4 boys and the youngest, a girl. The boys were excited to tell Pete some jokes and were all fighting to talk over the others and win Pete's attention. It was great to get to know some of our neighbors - and we appreciate the invitation into their lives.

Kari (my sister in law), Hailey and I went to a plant sale on Saturday morning. She helped me pick some fragrant plants for our deck. As I wandered through the sale I couldn't help but think of the extra work I was creating for myself by purchasing plants! I love gardening, but I don't have many flower beds at this house and it's been kind of nice not having to go out and pull weeds! I was SO tempted to buy some tomato plants, but I refrained since I don't yet have a garden to plant them in. After the sale we went to University Village where we met up with Kim (my other sister in law). We stopped into Anthropology to browse the sale section then Kari and I wandered over to a restaurant that was serving breakfast. I LOVE breakfast! Our time together was cut a little short when my mom called Kari to tell her Saben (my nephew/Kari's son) had thrown up all over himself and the car. My parents had gone to the park with the kids while Kari and I were out shopping. They brought the kids to U Village so Kari wouldn't have to backtrack to get them on her way back to Bellingham. My mom, dad, Hailey and I spent some time shopping together since the traffic in the area was pretty bad. I finally got to visit Land of Nod and Village Maternity (I'd never been to either of these shops before). Hailey got a new hair bow, so she was pretty excited...
While I was out shopping all day Pete managed to get a ton of work done at home - including fixing our hot tub! By about 11:30pm it was finally hot enough to enjoy. I was so excited to use the hot tub. I had been pregnant for most of the time we've lived here and so getting to enjoy the hot tub was an exciting event! Hailey slept soundly in her crib while Pete and I sat out in the tub listening to the frogs and gazing at the stars. By the time we were in and showered Hailey woke up to eat....and then didn't want to go back to sleep. This made for a very long night. We did manage to get up in time for the 12pm service at church in the morning and Hailey slept right through the whole service (go figure). We went from church to visit Caleb and Raeanne in Kent. We got home only to leave again to head to our bible study. Hailey was very well behaved. Each week all the girls take turns holding her and staring at her... We keep bringing her in hopes that some of them will get the bug. ;P
On Mondays Hailey and I go to "baby dance". It's a class at the community center for mothers and their babies. Hailey got dressed up in her dance outfit for the occasion this week and I couldn't help but do a little photoshoot (it was the 27th after all - officially making her 2 months old). :) She has so much fun in class. We dance around the room, sing songs and then I get to do some exercises using her as a weight. She loves it when I put her on my shin and move my leg in circles! This week we learned how to do a baby massage too. She enjoys looking at the other babies in the class and really likes it when I sing to her (turns out I need to brush up on my 'kid' song library though as I can't seem to remember any of the standard songs). Hailey was so excited about dancing that she rolled over on the couch to celebrate! I was amazed at her trick.

Every time I've put Hailey in her green dress she immediately spits up on it - without fail. And it's not just the little spit up, she really goes for it (she doesn't spit up much any other time). This is the dress her daddy picked out for her to wear home from the birth center. It was way too big then (even though it's newborn size) and now it's just a little too small (I can't get the buttons on the back done up). I wanted to remember her in this dress, but getting a picture of her in it has been a challenge. She wore it on Easter and before we left for church she spit up all over it. I took it off her, rinsed the top and then used the blow dryer to get it dry before we headed out the door to church. She lasted through church, but then as soon as we got to my parents house...she spit up on her dress and I had to change her - all before getting a picture of her in it. So....I put the dress on her this morning in hopes of getting a picture. I got a couple...and then it happened. Doesn't she look so proud of herself!? Sorry daddy, I guess she's not the biggest fan of this dress...
You may have heard rumor that we are potty training Hailey...and yes, it's true. It's a really simple technique and seems to be working. Basically I spent some time paying real good attention to Hailey to figure out her potty cues. When she 'eliminates' we make a "PSHHHHHH" sound. The idea is that they begin to associate that sound with eliminating. After about 2 weeks of doing this I decided to try holding her over the toilet to see if it would work. I held her, made the noise a few times and then she did it! She pooped in the toilet and then peed! It was quite a celebration. One less diaper to change is music to our ears. :) So we're continuing to do this noise when she goes. We're not trying to be obsessive about taking her to the toilet but I figure if I can at least get her going in the toilet a couple times a day I'm already cutting out a bunch of diaper changes and saving us some diaper money. I've found that if she doesn't need to go she squeels and then shakes her head back and forth as if she's saying "no". I'm probably reading too much into it, but I'd like to think she's smart and understands that as a way to say no. Anyway, I don't have it on video yet, but if you need to verify with someone that I'm not making this up...her Auntie Kim witnessed her pooping in the toilet yesterday. Even under pressure, Hailey pulled through! :D

Hope you are all enjoying your week! I see the sun is trying to come out so we might use this as an excuse for a date with the ipod and stroller for a walk by the river today.

Over and out!