A little update with some cute pics

Hailey is in a dance class and LOVING it. She knows some official ballet moves already (this was confirmed by her Aunt Kendra who is also in ballet right now). It's so sweet to see how her face totally lights up when she's dancing. She. Loves. It.

 She likes playing the drums, dancing, singing, praying, picking out her own clothes in the morning, eating cereal, playing with Charlotte and eating snacks.

Charlotte still isn't talking much. She's a pretty serious girl (that's not so say she isn't goofy and happy). She mostly communicates by pointing and shaking her upper body side to side (which oddly enough, means "yes"). I followed Charlotte into the bathroom the other day. I was wondering what she was up to when she walked over to the toilet. I asked, "Do you need to go potty?" and she responded with a full body side-to-side shake...which I took as a yes. "Do you want to sit on the toilet?" shake-shake. Okay....so I was a little bewildered as I took off her diaper and set her there...and then she peed. She. Was. So. Proud! I was like, whoa....did that just happen? Hailey came in to see what had happened...and upon discovering Charlotte's great success, she cheered and cheered for Charlotte, "Yay Charlotte, good potty Charlotte, YAAAAAAAAY!!" We celebrate the small things here.

Charlotte has been zooming all over the house - it's amazing how much she moves. I don't really carry her around anymore (kind of sad). She loves to give hugs, but makes them short and sweet - then she's on the move again. 

Pete and I joined our host team at church. Pete really wasn't excited about it, but I was determined to get us more involved (truth be told, I wasn't that excited about it either). It turned out to be a good thing (other than having to be at church at 8:15 on the mornings we're hosting). Last week we handed out bulletins and greeted everyone - easy-peasy and actually kind of fun! Pete and I agreed that maybe it wasn't all that bad of a thing after all. Well, other than missing most of the worship time because we're still at the doors greeting the latecomers - lots of late people at our church btw (we're usually in that crowd).

Speaking of being involved in church....Pete and I are both in growth groups. Pete meets up with some guys on Monday nights for his group called, God, Games & Guys (no joke). They play xbox together (they've had remote *meetings* a few times already). On Wednesdays I'm in a Beth Moore study called, Believing God. There's homework every day (not that I do it every day). Actually, I have been struggling to keep up. It's been a really good video series though! The homework has been totally frustrating. It's long. I haven't been in many Bible studies, but my table leader did tell me it's the hardest study she's ever been in and not to feel bad if I can't keep up with 2 little ones under foot. At least I've met more people from church by going..

I'm also in MOPS on Wednesdays at East Renton Community Church. I really like it this year (last year was kind of sad as I was pretty much the only person at my table). We have a really good group of girls at our table and I'm thankful that Meme invited me to join (and that I followed through and went)! Last week I was really excited to make myself a Thankful tree and guess what? The same morning I had decided that I would make one, it was the craft at MOPS! I was SO excited! How cool is that?

I'm absolutely LOVING the fall colors! We're so blessed to live in the NW (thanks parents!).