A new chapter...

Pete just recently started looking for a new job - just feeling the waters really...

Last Friday evening Pete had a phone interview (the first of 'real' interviews since starting the hunt). He talked to a recruiter over the weekend and set up an in-person 2nd interview at the company for Monday afternoon. At the end of Monday's interview, he was offered the job. He had to respond by 12pm the following day and they needed him to start by next Tuesday, the 9th. This threw us into a bit of a stress frenzy as first of all, giving only a weeks notice to work seemed rude after having spent the last 5 years there AND the hiring manager in the new position told Pete if he couldn't start next Tuesday that she would have to give the position to someone less qualified so they would have time to train with the guy who's on his way out.

So. Tuesday morning I received some wise counsel from my boss about how to go about quitting without burning all bridges and passed the info to Pete. Pete met with his group's VP and received some really good feedback and counsel...then met with his boss...and then his bosses boss. At the end of the day Pete received a counter offer because Pete is awesome and they want to keep him around. Pete respectfully declined after considering it and moved on with the new job.

So here we are. A major turning point in our lives.

Why is this such a big deal you ask?

Well...you see, Pete and I have worked together during our entire dating and married lives (thanks for hiring us both Jeff G!). We commute to work together. We eat lunch together. We talk about work. We know all the same people. We work on similar projects. We eat lunch together. We commute together....oh right, I already said those. Well, after 5 years together at the same company, our lives are going to completely shift.

I'm so proud of Pete for getting this job. He did an excellent job interviewing and I think it took him for a bit of a surprise as he didn't think the job hunt would go this well, or this fast. He told me that he hadn't realized it before, but during the interview as he was going over his career milestones he came to realize that he had quite a bit of really valuable experience in the industry. It's true. We were both given incredible opportunities when we were hired on as contractors and it's so awesome to see how much Pete has grown (man I love that guy!).

Anyway. So. Lives. Change. New chapter. Maui.

This new gig is on a contract (long term and option to hire) and it sounds like the rest of the year will be super crazy busy for Pete in this new position. His new boss told him that any time off between now and August would be a dealbreaker (they're launching the 'big project' in August...). So. He's figuring he has to put in the time and really prove himself there, and then his career will be in a better spot and maybe he can take some time off at that point.

Meanwhile...I have some hours to burn at work. Or rather - away from work. We had been talking about going to go to maui with Pete's brother and sis in law, but we weren't sure of the timing and such. Pete actually just last night suggested that Hailey and I go without him. So with a little more thinking and talking, I went to my boss today around 3pm and asked him if I could take next week off. He was reluctant, but agreed that if I got certain things done before I leave, I'm okay to go. Actually, he said, "I need you here, but do what you need to do" - and in my head that was like saying "go soak in the sun and have fun". So it's official. Hailey and I are leaving Sunday. I will be taking my laptop and doing some emailing here and there, but I'm hoping to really crank through the email during nap times and enjoy the sun and water the rest of the time.

I'm a little nervous (okay, I think I'm a lot nervous). This will be a long time away from Pete - and he'll be starting his new job. And we won't see each other until about 11:30pm on valentines day (when we arrive back). He suggested the trip because he figured he will be working some long hours in his first week at the new job...and not having his wife and cute little girl waiting for him to get home will help ease his mind about staying late to soak up all the knowledge he needs to soak up in his first week.

I'm still in disbelief. At all of this. It's crazy. And exciting. And scary.

We've been praying for wisdom in all of the many things we've been balancing lately, and we're trusting that God is leading us and we're following the path he's trying to lead us down. We're still a bit nervous about the new job. I suppose there will be a time of adjustment for us. Maybe some separation anxiety (= very yes). But maybe this is all preparing me for the day when I can finally turn in my notice at work and stay home with my baby. We shall see...

This was a long post, and if you made it all the way here, I heart you.

As a reward, here's a pic of Hailey striking a pose in her swimsuit (awesome, I know).