A snapshot - Hailey (4) and Charlotte (3)

-Is very polite, she always says her please and thank yous.
-Loves our kittens Laser and Nitro (daddy named them) and can often be found sleeping at night with one arm wrapped around Nitro as he sleeps next to her.
-Doesn't like horses up close (enjoys looking at them from afar).
-Is in gymnastics this year and was very direct with me over the summer when she told me that she didn't want to do dance - she wanted to do gymnastics.
-Loves her school and though I don't get very detailed reports about her days at school, she usually is excited to go (some days not so much). Her teachers report that she is always happy and they love having her in class.
-One of her favorite people at school is her friend Hayley (a spunky, slightly more outgoing brunette).
-The kids in Hailey's class call her 'Hailey Myron' and her friend goes by 'Hailey Boehl' (first and last names) and it's hilarious to hear them all calling for 'Hailey Myron' when they are playing
- Loves watching TV and has recently started sneaking downstairs with Charlotte in the mornings (before Pete and I are awake), turning on the tv and settling into the couch with a box of cereal while they watch a show (she can turn everything on and find her netflix channel).
-I've given her 2 haircuts so far in her life - the first one was this past August and the 2nd was toward the beginning of December.

-Always has ratty hair because it's so fine and she doesn't like us to brush it. I recently gave her a 1st 'real' haircut. Her actual 1st haircut was when she was a toddler and she had a few awkwardly long curls at the end of her straight hair - I snipped those off.
-Says things like 'thicky' in place of sticky. She doesn't like to pronounce S and sometimes she leaves L out of words.
-She asks me to "Tuggle" with her every night. It's the cutest thing ever, so we don't bother with correcting her all that much. I absolutely LOVE snuggling with Charlotte, she's such a good cuddle bug.
-Is usually in our bed all snuggled up to me every morning when I wake up.
-She is in gymnastics, but she doesn't like to warm up with the class. She either sits or stands the whole time while her class jumps and rolls around during warm up time. This week, she said she wanted to quit gymnastics. She wouldn't join the class until they moved to the obstacle course - then she jumped right in and afterward she told me she doesn't actually want to quit. She's been talking about how much she loves gymnastics ever since...
-Loves our kittens, but also quite frequently totally smothers them and sometimes hits them (poor kitties!).
-Loves ponies and carnival rides - when we went to the fair in September, she wanted to ride ALL of the rides. Hailey only went on the swing ride and a slow flat car ride - she refused to go on any others. So Charlotte went by herself on all the fast adrenaline pumping rides and had a look of pure joy in her eyes as she held on and zipped around. :) She was SO adorable.
-Has a lot of energy. Hailey takes naps more often than Charlotte. Charlotte will play quietly while Hailey naps. If Charlotte does happen to nap during the day, she will be up way too late at night and it's a battle to get her to stay in her bed to go to sleep. On those nights, she is often up past 10pm and usually is asleep by 11.
-Likes most everything Hailey likes.
-Doesn't like meat. She will eat everything else on her plate, but has to be bribed to eat any meat. She might just be a vegetarian when she gets older...
-Unbuckles her chest buckle in the car and climbs out of her seat as much as she can when she's mad. Strong willed little girl.............
-Recently started talking in a really deep loud drawn out voice to get my attention "MOOOOM!" It's actually so funny we have a hard time not laughing everyt ime she does it. We have named that special voice "Frank". One day she was quite mad about something as we were driving along in the car and 'Fank' was yelling at me (Pete was driving, but she was apparently mad at me). We asked her what she was so mad about and she paused for a moment and then screamed (in her Frank voice) "I don't know what I talking about!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" We about died laughing.

These girls bring me such joy! I love being their mommy.