Anniversary Weekend

We celebrated our anniversary this past weekend. :)

I had booked us a room at Willows Lodge and the adventure started off with a nice couples massage. It could have been only a little better if I could have breathed through my nose during the massage - but I made do and enjoyed it as best I could with my dry mouth breathing. It was one of the best massages I've had in YEARS! I haven't had many massages in the last few years, so maybe that's not saying much. But it was GREAT and totally relaxing. Pete enjoyed it too! ;)

The original plan was to check into our room after the massage, have a nap (Pete LOVES naps but doesn't get to ever take them) and then head to dinner at the Purple Cafe. Well, our room wasn't ready right after the massages so we ended up showering at the spa (we were very oily) and then wandered over to Red Hook and by the time we had walked through the doors we got a call from the lodge saying that our room was ready. Woohoo! We got in our room and turned on the TV (always a treat to have cable - we don't have anything other than netflix at home) and then I filled the bath. I figured that would get my sinuses to loosen up. It didn't. We went to dinner and had some wonderful baked brie - and then dinner came and I was totally turned off by it. :( I took one bite and then switched with Pete and had about 5 bites of his meal (which was more bearable). That was it. We ended up coming home with a few boxes of food (we had a great lunch the following day!). We had originally planned to share a meal, but for some reason we didn't and once again, we had WAY too much food. Eating out in the 1st trimester with a cold to top it off...was not a great idea - but we had fun dining out alone (kind of felt weird not to have Hailey with us though).

After dinner we headed to Rite-Aid. I needed some relief from my stuffy symptoms and I REALLY wanted to be able to sleep through the night. We stood in the isle and contemplated all the medications. We googled and googled and came up with many different opinions on what was 'safe' during pregnancy. Finally...I paged a midwife in hopes that I would pick the right remedy. I got a call back and had my questions answered (hooray!). We left the store and I did some pill popping and serum drinking. Nothing seemed to help though. I had a horrible night of sleep from about 1-5 something am. I did happen to go to sleep around 9pm and slept all the way until 1am though. So I guess it wasn't ALL bad. I was disappointed that I hadn't just postponed the trip so that we could both enjoy it to the fullest. BUT, it was our anniversary weekend and I suppose these kind of things make it all the more memorable!

In the morning we walked over to the Barking Frog restaurant and had breakfast. Once again we let our own desires get in the way of ordering one meal and sharing....and we ended up with way too much food. We both got our leftovers boxed up - those are still sitting in the fridge (suppose it's time to toss em...).

From there we went to Molbak's! Our renters moved out of the blue box on Saturday, so we are anxious to fix up the house and relist it (we had it listed, but pulled it while the renters were moving...and we'll relist once we have the hardwoods refinished and some other bits taken care of). The backyard got torn up from the dogs they my first goal was to get the back planting area looking okay. The dogs had dug holes all over the place and it was really sad looking. So.....Molbak's. We had fun picking out plants (well, at least I did anyway! And it was really fun running my ideas by Pete and getting his input). I was sad that the plants were not going anywhere I would get to enjoy them (long term) from. Seemed like a little bit of a waste to buy them just for selling, but we had watched quite a bit of HGTV the night before and that inspired me to do what we need to do to get the house looking good and get it SOLD. :) The goal was to bring a little color into the yard and to distract people from looking straight back to the neighbors cluttered backyard. I think it was a small success. It at least looks brighter and more cozy back there. Here's the in progress pic I took from up on the back steps.

Dogs are soooo fun to have living in your rental. Especially ones that dig holes and run the same route through the yard. So much for all the bark that once lived there...and the edging - ummmm ya. And the nice lawn? Forget it.
Random holes.

So backing up a bit....we went to my parent's place to pick up Hailey after we made our purchase at Molbak's. Hailey was really good for them and they even taught her to say "hi grandpa". I didn't hear it, but Pete did (I was in the bathroom of course). She doesn't like to say things when I ask her to, so I haven't heard it yet. My mom said that she kept saying it over the 24 hour period they had her... I'm impressed!!

From Grandma and Grandpa Young's house we headed over to the rental to meet several people for hardwood floor refinishing quotes (the floors are a wreck - but will soon be beautiful!). Pete unloaded the plants and then held Hailey while I placed the plants where I thought they should go. Hailey and I then left and my wonderful husband Pete stayed to plant the plants (I would have loved to have done this part - so gratifying! But....someone needed get Hailey home to eat dinner and go to bed...) and he also measured the windows so we can get new window coverings (more damaged goods from the renters).

The floors are getting refinished over the next two days and as soon as I give the 'go' our landscapers are going to bring in some dirt and fill in holes and over seed the backyard (the front yard looks fantastic still!). Then we'll paint some walls and do a little bit of staging (bathroom linens and maybe do something to make the kitchen a little more homey). And then we're relisting and hoping it makes an impression and the right buyer is out there. Whew! Lots to do this next week.

So all in all, it was a good weekend despite having a cold (being sick tends to put me in a sour mood because my body just feel soooo drained). But looking back at it, it was a good time. Memorable for sure.