Another 'look how cute my kid is' post

I have been enjoying Hailey sooooo much lately, I just want to capture it here so I can look back later and remember what she was like around the 17 month mark. :)

  • I put braids in Hailey's hair for the first time the other day. Her hair is so long and lately she has been more willing to sit still for me to style it. She gets compliments on her hair where ever we go (example: 3 different groups of people at Costco commented on how cute her pigtails were the other day). I took the picture above at lunch time today. She was eating arugula and I asked her to polite she smiled with her mouth closed since she had food in her mouth!
  • Hailey and Willy are best buds. In the mornings she freaks out when she sees him and screams "WILLLLLLLLLLLLY! HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII WILLLLLLLY!!!!!"
  • Willy lets Hailey dump dirt, flowers and rocks all over him. He just lays there... Sometimes he gets a little annoyed, gets up and lays back down about 2 feet away from where he started and then she gets right back to it. He's a really good babysitter!

  • Hailey LOVES playing in the dirt. I found her using a shoe as a shovel the other day. I quickly replaced the shoe with a bucket and she continued on using her hands as the shovel. I should probably get her a little shovel - she gets lots of splinters in her hands and feet these days...
  • I leave the front door open so Hailey can go in and out while I'm in the kitchen working on dinner...I walked around the corner to check on her one day and this is what I found on the window...
  • Hailey runs around the house blabbering things while she plays. As of a couple days ago she now says 'that' and points and repeats 'that, that, that...' until we figure out what it is she wants. Funny how they just kind of come up with 'that' on their own!
  • Many mornings while I'm getting our breakfast ready, she will bring me my shoes and try to put them on my feet. Last night Pete was standing in the kitchen and she brought a pair of his shoes over to him (pretty awesome she knows which ones are his). I will often find her sitting on the floor by the front door frantically trying to put her shoes on so she can go outside to play in the dirt.
  • Hailey discovered her Easter basket in the closet and LOVES playing with the crinkled paper filler. She begs me to play with it if I put if up on the desk where she can't reach it. Last night before bed we were having her put all the paper back in the basket and every time she would pick up just one little piece and put it in about 20 would fall out of the other side of the basket. Pete and I had a good laugh watching her 'clean up'. I think she could be entertained for hours...
  • Hailey loves giving kisses. She makes a perfect "muah" sound as she does it and sometimes the kisses just keep coming. It's super sweet and definitely a memory I want to keep on my list of favorites.
  • Hailey likes hanging out in her little pool on the deck. We are still in swim lessons and while it's great for Hailey and all...I've found that being this big and pregnant makes some things in the water a bit challenging. I was supposed to walk backwards with my head under in 4' deep (aka shallow) water holding Hailey in front of me under water (did I mention the walking backwards part??)...the goal was to see (I have goggles) how long she can hold her breath and to watch for the queues that she needs to come up...but I couldn't stay under or get coordinated enough to get all the pieces working together - I kept losing my feet as my belly pulled me up! It seems that my belly wants to be a buoy. I would love to float in the water with my buoy for hours, but unfortunately that's not part of Hailey's swim lesson... :( Hailey's favorite part of swim lessons is when we swim around collecting little balls. She loves balls and starts freaking out when the teacher brings them in the water. She still doesn't enjoy being on her back in the water and squirmed quite a bit as we worked on the back float this week.
  • Hailey LOVES playing with her cousins Sylvia and Ella. She thinks Sylvia is the coolest and loves it when Sylvia takes her for rides in the jeep. Just a few rules to remember "no shoes in the jeep". Sylvia has really taken on a nice 'big cousin' role and it's SO cute to watch her tote Hailey around.
  • Hailey loves playing in the sand/water with her cousins too! I'm amazed at how long she can stay occupied by playing with sand (I guess much like dirt).

  • Hailey really thinks Ella's neat too...she wants to follow her around at gymnastics and do everything Ella is doing. Speaking of gymnastics...we have been to 3 classes (we skipped one). She took some warming up, but by the 3rd session she was much more into a few of the activities. She likes running on the trampoline best and she did some carrot rolls down a pad this week and giggled through it every I think that's a close 2nd. Last night she did quite a few somersaults (with me assisting) at home and though she wouldn't do them in class, she thought it was SO fun to do and kept bending over and putting her head and hands on the ground waiting for me to roll her over.
  • I just love seeing these 3 Myron girls together...check out those faces!