Baby Charlee - 4.5 months

I really do want to remember these sweet times with my little Charlotte. She's only this little once and she's growing so fast!

Speaking of growing, at her 4 month check up she weighed 13 lbs 15oz (50th%) and was 25.25" long (85th%). She's been wearing mostly 6 month clothing since the end of December (she's already too big for some items Hailey wore around 7 months old). Now I see why people say babies go through clothes so fast - Hailey seemed to wear the same size for so long in the beginning, but Charlotte is just so much bigger than Hailey was it's crazy! At this rate, I think Charlotte might be handing down clothes to Hailey in the future.

She had rolled over from front to back by 4 months (I have the date written somewhere in her baby book). I thought she would have rolled from back to front first because she had gotten on her side quite a few times and was almost turned over but then she would roll back onto her back. Then one day she surprised me and rolled from tummy to back. She is so close to going the other way, I thought it was going to happen last night - but then she rolled back onto her back.
Charlotte appears to still be sensitive to gluten. I ate a couple things (not intentionally) on our recent trip and since then her shrill screaming and constipation have returned. Her scream gets both Pete and me really uptight. It's not pretty or relaxing and all I can do is try to feed her and when that doesn't work (it usually doesn't) we just try to bounce her and when that doesn't work, I leave the room. It's awful. I feel so bad for her because you can just hear the pain in her scream. :( Poor girl.
Pete reports that she just pooped a big one today while I was in the shower (lucky me, he was home from work!). I hope this is a sign that we're getting cleansed enough to have a mostly happy little girl on our hands for a while. And I will be trying harder to make sure what I'm eating is gluten free.
Charlotte is usually pretty happy and I love her little smile. She's always smiling under the pacifier...which we've been forcing on her so as to avoid having another finger sucking kid. Any time she doesn't have the pacifier, her hands go right into the mouth...sometimes it's the thumb, and sometimes one or two fingers and yet sometimes her whole fist.
Charlotte is a very touchy feely little girl. At her 2 month check up it was noted that she had little scratches and scabs on her head from her nails. Two months later, she still had lots of scabs and after having a moment at the doctor of thinking it was dairy related, we confirmed that it indeed was not related to dairy, but rather, that she just likes touching things. What helped me realize this was one night as I laid in bed feeding her around 2am...she had one of her hands on her head and was opening and closing her hand on her hair grabbing and pulling it - she wasn't uncomfortable, she looked like she was in dream land. So knowing this, I've paid more attention to what her hands are doing throughout the days. When I'm nursing her she often reaches up and pets my chin or nose. She likes petting Pete's chin hair when he's holding her too. She's always grabbing for something and opening and closing her little hands around whatever it is. My hair, my shirt, Hailey's hair... that's right, she pulls Hailey's hair. And Hailey has cried about it more than once. Imagine that, a 4 month old tormenting her older sister - muah ah ah.... It's so funny to watch, but I do know, Charlotte has quite a good grip and it doesn't feel good when she pulls on hair.

Charlotte also likes to be close. We have to bounce her at night to get her to sleep. If she wakes up in the night to eat (usually once, sometimes twice) she refuses to go back to sleep unless she's snuggled up real close to me (otherwise if I try to put her back in her bed she cries and requires being bounced back to sleep...and in the middle of the night, I opt not). So, she ends up sleeping in our bed. It gets kind of annoying as she seems to be a bed hog - I seriously wake up almost falling off the bed. It would be great if we could get her sleeping in her room with Hailey though...what a nice break for mommy and daddy that would be!
Charlotte, or Charlee as Sylvia calls her, has a few nicknames around here. Hailey can say Charlie, so she calls her either Baby or Charlie. I've called her Charlie a bit lately and still often refer to her as 'The Baby'. CharlaBear is another one that I've overheard Pete using recently. I sometimes call her Charlotte, but pronounce it all wacky on purpose "CHAR lot". All in all, I probably call her Baby most often.
She never really got much cradle cap and the teeny amount she had seems to be gone now. I saw a few flakes this past week, so I guess I just assumed it was her cradle crap falling out. That's right, we call it cradle crap most of the time.

She makes all sorts of fun noises now - love it - even though at times it's so loud and high pitched that it hurts our ears. She groans and moans when she's nursing - it must taste good! She also drools and spits all over while making gurgling noises...that's fun if you're in the mood for a drool party.

I'm loving this fun age with my little Charlotte!