Bananas for the littlest one...

Our little girl has been practically begging us for food lately. She grabs at everything I'm trying to eat and watches with such intensity as our forks go to our mouth. We decided she was ready to have her own taste from a spoon. Our doctor had told us that as long as she was able to sit up on her own and didn't immediately shove the food out (because of not knowing what to do with it) that we could start and didn't need to wait for that exact 6 month mark we made sure to hit with Hailey. So with that, we went for it tonight.
She looked so grown up sitting in the highchair for the first time. She liked the view.
She was so excited about this magical thing coming at her mouth...she opened her mouth ready to receive her first taste of banana.Her expression of wonderment. I imagine she was thinking something along the lines of, "hmm...what is that explosion of gooey tastiness happening in my mouth??"
At this point the flash hadn't recharged...and it looked like she was either savoring the banana or like it was a bit tart. Pete asked if I'd tasted the banana before I'd offered it to our daughter. Whoops, no I hadn't. So I did...and it was a good banana so I vote that she was savoring it. Charlotte is very hands on - touching, grabbing, petting...she's always doing something with her hands so it was no surprise that she kept trying to grab the spoon and my hands.

A+ Charlotte!