You may or may not have noticed that I've been cycling through blog templates. The truth is...I can't find one I love. I like clean simple lines, have to have balance and I want a teeny bit of flare - where are you oh perfect template??

I really like writing and my blog serves as a good place to hold memories that seem to be fading as time wears on. But....I'm so behind right now. I have a draft that has been sitting open for a couple months. I might post it soon but at the same time it seems so irrelevant (vacation report). Heck, I do want to remember our first vacation with two little girls in tow, so I guess I will probably post it (if I ever finish it). I also wanted to write about our 3rd anniversary which we celebrated in February. It wasn't amazing or anything, but it was simply perfect and I wanted to remember my first ever non-pregnant anniversary - because well, it was a new thing for me to experience and really tells a story about our first 3 years of marriage. I also wanted to post up about my big 2 year old did she grow up so fast???? And where is the time going???? There are so many other things I would love to write about too...but as always, my list of things to do is too long.

So for now...I give you this picture from a recent girls night. This was my first girls night out without Charlotte and it was magnificent to be together with these ladies for a girls night once again. I can't remember when we started these nights, it was several years and kids ago...and we used to host dinners and swap houses every other week (or once a month? I can't remember our exact interval), but kids arrived and it got more difficult to pull it all together, so these nights out to dinner are a wonderful escape. It truly is a blessing when we can all make the time for a girls night and I feel quite refreshed after. Thanks for being friends ladies!
I may or may not be posting more soon. :) Charlotte is currently scrying (scream/crying) upstairs so I better go get her. Over and out!