Cat Leg Delivery Man (aka our neighbor)

I didn't post up the original 'crazy cat lady neighbor' story here's a run down before I get into the 'cat leg delivery man' story.

Flash back...

Soon after we started letting our cats out at our new house...we received a note on our door saying something like "Urgent, I am your neighbor. Please call me - NEED TO TALK". It was 9:30, but I decided that Pete should call since the note seemed a bit frantic. A guy named Charles answered the line. He began to tell Pete about the coyotes in the area and how our cats shouldn't be outside because the coyotes will eat them. Okay, thank you very much, we'll keep an eye out...bu-bye.

10:15pm rolls around that night and the doorbell rings. It's our neighbor lady (who we hadn't yet met). Turns out Charles is her ex-boyfriend who is moving out. Well, she was holding a large clump of orange cat fur. She brought it over to show us proof that there are coyotes in the area...and she had pulled that chunk off of a headless cat they found. She went on and on, talking about her whole life story. We're talking...WAY too much info. In the middle of it all, she asked me if I could throw the clump of cat hair away for her and handed it to me. I don't know why I took it...but I did...I was more in shock than anything. We just stood there listening to this woman tell us all about her life story (which is quite sad). She also went back to the cat/coyote theme once in a while. Went on to tell us that our cat Willy is walking by her windows...which is making her indoor only cats really jealous. She wants him to stay off her property. She also mentioned that she'd pet Willy when he was there. I told her to please not pet him - or he'll keep coming back...and to shoe him away if they don't want him coming over. And then she'd go on and on about the coyotes and the wild raccoons that eat cats and the headless cat on her property. She finally left (after she about broke into tears telling us her life story). We were left standing there in shock and then agreed to just leave it at "we have a crazy cat lady neighbor who hates our cats because they make her cats jealous".

Flash forward to this weekend...

Pete and I were sitting on the back deck enjoying the sunshine and eating some strawberries when the doorbell rang. It was Charles. He shook Pete's hand...and tried to shake mine, but thankfully I had carried our strawberry bowls to the door with me. He was holding a cat leg in foil. He was wondering if we were missing a cat...and then showed us the LEG he brought over to help us identify if it was our cat. We told him that both of our cats were accounted for. He went on about the coyotes in the neighborhood. We told him that we bring our cats in at night and he told us that coyotes eat cats day or night...and we should really keep our cats in all the time. We thanked him for his concern and then he and the cat leg left us. We stood there in shock - but at the same time were relieved that we didn't have to sit and listen to a whole life story unfold on our front porch.
(this is NOT the actual leg that was brought over...this is just so you can get an idea...)

The Future...

I think Pete's going to go over there sometime this week and ask if they can stop bringing over cat parts because it's making his pregnant wife distraught. I mean seriously, will they bring a cat head next time? and why do all these dead cats happen to be on their property?????