Without Challenge, there is no Change

Every month, I host a new 30 day challenge. In each challenge, you, yes YOU, will work with me to establish your health and fitness goals and then you will work your way to better health, with me by your side! You will receive one-on-one support and accountability from me and you will find great camaraderie within the group. Whether you want to lose weight, tone up, build massive muscles, or you just want to learn how to eliminate processed foods from your diet, you CAN make the change, and you will succeed when you decide to commit!  

I will help you find a program that is both fun and sustainable based on your needs. When you join my group, you will receive each of the following:

• Fitness Program (comes with a nutrition guide, workout schedule, & a great workout program)

• Sample Meal Plans and a complete recipe book (downloadable PDF)

• 30-day Supply of a protein shake that you can use as a meal replacement (all natural, non-gmo, superfood goodness!)

• One-on-One Coaching

• Private Facebook Accountability Group

• Eligibility to win cash prizes ($500-$100,000) 

What have you got to lose? Let's set some goals together, and attack them fiercely!  Click on the EVENTS page and sign up to get in line for my next group.