Charlotte :: 2 Months

How does it go by so fast? My littlest girl is already 2 months old and it's bittersweet. No longer is she a little lump of baby to hold. She's a wiggly little girl always kicking her legs about (and more recently her arms too). On some accounts we are happy to have her grow up a little (in hopes that she'll outgrow her tummy troubles). On the other hand, it's just crazy to see how fast she's growing out of being a little baby!
Charlotte is still having poop issues. I thought she was figuring out how to poop finally, but it's been another 4 days without a trace. I'm supposed to be pumping I can give her prune juice on day 4 of no poop. So far I've only managed to pump once though. Once in a while we have a hard night - but thankfully once she gets to sleep, she's wonderful! The other night she slept from 11:30 until 6am! I woke up and was amazed. She is still really loud in the morning - she sounds like a pug. Snorting and snarfing...and wiggling all about. We put her in her moses basket to sleep in our room and then whenever I feed her...I bring her to our bed and most of the time I don't make the transfer back and she sleeps on her back right between me and Pete. I'm still gluten and dairy free - so on the nights when she's really fussy and gassy, we scratch our heads and wonder what I ate that could have caused the reaction. I'm drinking more than 8oz of warm prune juice each day and let me tell ya....I'm not a fan. After I drink it my stomach starts churning and gurgling (you can hear it!).

I keep trying to capture Charlotte's smiles on camera...but that has proved to be difficult. I took this video this morning.

My updates:

  • It's been over 3 months since I had my hair cut...and it's driving me nuts! I really need a trim!
  • I started working out at home 2 weeks ago. I'm doing the Turbo Fire program and though it's really hard, I'm already seeing results (a few pounds gone!). I'm not very coordinated so the first time through some of the classes were a bit sketchy, but the more I do it, the easier it is to figure out. It's basically a combo of kickboxing and aerobics and there's about 8-10 different classes you cycle through. I have a whole 90 day schedule and mark the days off as I complete them. I really like the 15 and 20 minute classes - I have found that I lose interest when trying to do the 45 or 55 minute ones... The good thing is that the 15 and 20 minute classes are the highest intensity classes, designed to burn lots of calories. That's a good thing!
  • I've been cooking a ton lately and low and behold, I might just enjoy it! :O I signed up for and love it! Every week I get a new menu plan and shopping list. The recipes are all really easy to make and so far, they taste wonderful. I love that I can just go to and order everything I need using the check list. I have a feeling this is the start of something good. Pete and I are the same way on this matter - we both hate doing things we don't feel we are good at. that I've made so many great meals - I'm getting more confident in my cooking and starting to enjoy the process. It does get a little frustrating some days when both Hailey and Charlotte are needy and I'm trying to prepare something before Pete's made it home from work...but all in all, we've been eating really well lately (this no gluten or dairy thing deserves some credit!).