Christmas recap

Christmas was absolutely wonderful this year! One tradition we missed? Christmas Eve service - we figured it was best to stay in with so much snow coming down. It was just beautiful to watch!
We started Christmas Eve night by opening a couple gifts out of Willy and Wesley's stocking. They got new holiday collars and some treats. They also got some new mice to play with. They enjoyed the mice and treats and of course couldn't care less about the collars - but I just loved the silver and gold glittering collars I found on sale and so had to put them on them right away!

Willy posing for a Christmas photo in his new collar

Pete and I decided that opening one present on Christmas Eve sounded like a fun tradition to we picked something out for each other and opened.

Pete wasn't so sure how to be excited about the new cat litter scoop I got him. He's been on the litter box duty for so long, I figured it was time to get him a better scoop that was more discrete - previously he just left the scoop sitting on the laundry room floor - and I wasn't so fond of looking at it when in that room. I suppose this was a gift for both of us... it was great fun to watch him feel it all wrapped up and try to take guesses.
I got a video game for the xbox that I'd wanted for a long time (Beautiful Katamari)! I played it for a while that night and learned that it's one of those games that makes you more awake then you were before you started playing...and as such, I was up all night tossing and turning as my eyes were fluttering around (an after effect of the game?). We decided the game would be a day time only game for me. I get too into it at night.

Christmas morning brought more fun and surprises! Hailey got quite a few gifts - even though she's still stuck in her womb. Her daddy got her a super cute blanket and we both got her some really cute clothes (that I found at amazing sale prices and couldn't resist). I had ordered them online and when the boxes came, I wrapped them up without peeking so we could both be surprised by what was inside when we opened them.

Pete also got Hailey a really cute piggy bank. There's a story about this one. When we were in Mexico on one of the cruise stops - there was a cute black/white/red piggy bank that I thought was so cute and would be great in her room - well, we passed it up and then I regretted it. We had a 'clean the garage' day and Pete made a run to the thrift store to drop off some stuff. When he got back, I made a comment that he had left something on the truck seat - and he said "it's just a bag of garbage". Well, we went somewhere later that day and when I opened the truck door, the 'bag of garbage' fell to the driveway and I heard something break. Pete informed me that it wasn't garbage and quickly hid it away. That was the piggy bank he had found when he was out on his thrift store drop off trip. I had no idea. Thankfully only a leg had broke and the rest was in pretty good shape! I was so excited to open it on Christmas!! :)

After we did presents, Pete's mom's side came over for brunch. We had sticky buns, french toast, fruit and an egg casserole that was all delicious! I had prepared the sticky buns and casserole the night before and just had to cook them on Christmas morning - it turned out so well and was a great time to visit. I loved setting the table and hosting the brunch - it was my first real family gathering at our house where I prepared all the food and since it went so well - I think I'll be doing that again! Since I don't cook too often, I get nervous and self conscious when I do cook - so this was a great self esteem booster - I can do it!
After brunch we headed to my parents house. Kyle and Kari had decided not to come due to the snow (and the loss of 4 wheel drive on their suburban). We had a good time anyway and exchanged some gifts and then ate a great dinner my mom had prepared.
Kyle and Kari did happen to make it down the day after Christmas and we had another fun day. I think my favorite part was watching in shock/horror as Saben opened a gift from Jason - it was an army set - with a tank and lots of guns included. When Saben asked what you do with 'this' Jason replied 'you shoot bad guys'. Oh dear. I don't know if Kari was ready to introduce Saben to the mean kind of guns yet, but thanks to Uncle Jason - he learned about shooting bad guys and kept asking 'why' you shoot them (Jason's answer? "Because they're bad").

I don't have pictures of the other days/celebrations we went to, but the weekend was packed with family gatherings (I swear we're cutting back next year!). We went to Pete's dad's house on Saturday and then to my aunt and uncles place for a big extended family gathering on Sunday. It was packed full of good times with family, but at the end of it all, I just wanted to relax at home...but before we knew it, we had to be back at work (yuck!).