Cupcakes and Kittens

This past weekend I was treated to a very special shower thrown by my very special friend/sister Kim (with lots of help from Brianne I might add). I was kicked out of the house early in the morning and Kim and Bri came over to take over. I was totally spoiled by them and I'm going to blame my several pound weight gain this week on all the left over cupcakes I have shoved in my mouth each day...

I finally got to meet sweet Wesley (the human one, not our cat). He's full of smiles and in general seems to be a very happy little guy. Jenny is a very cute mom. :)

I was so spoiled by everyone! It was wonderful to have my close family and friends there to celebrate the coming birth of our little girl. :)

Thanks to everyone's creativity, we have some sweet little bows to put in Hailey's hair.

My mom made this beautiful blanket for the crib - I LOVE IT (of course I picked out the fabrics and gave her a picture of what I wanted so it wasn't too much of a surprise, but it is just fabulous to snuggle with)!

Kim and Shauna - BFFs & Sisters &Mothers :O