Cute stuff

Random IM conversation yesterday:
[17:23] Pete: I freakin love you
[17:23] shauna: awwww
[17:23] shauna: y u say that?
[17:24] Pete: just cause
[17:24] Pete: I like your voice
[17:24] Pete: and the way you talk
[17:24] Pete: n'stuff
[17:25] shauna: that's so sweet
[17:25] shauna: i freakin love you too.

Other random stuff:
The Audi stereo has issues so we never turn it on and the truck has blown speakers so we only listen quietly to the rear left speaker. So basically, in the last year or so....we've never turned up music so loud in a car that we can't talk over it.

Last night on our way home from our birth class we listened to an Emery CD and turned it up super loud and jammed almost the whole way home with very little dialog between us (we were in the new car of course). It was a long drive (class is in Redmond). We were turning on a road near our house and I finally turned the music down and said "this is weird...we always talk in the car - it's weird to just turn music up and not talk". Maybe it was a nice break for Pete... I sat there keeping busy on my phone IMing Kim and Jenny on gmail chat for most of the time.

Pete and I then reflected on how much we love our relationship and the fact that we never get bored with each other. :)

"Most Likely To Get Hit" award:
I'm pretty sure Pete is going to win the 'most likely to get hit in the labor room' award at our birth class (our instructor has brought up the award in reference to Pete at every class now). He's always cracking jokes and making everyone in the class laugh.......and I can just see him making funny jokes the whole time I'm laboring and me wanting to punch him in the face for making fun of whatever I happen to be doing to get through the contractions (making faces/sounds/rocking back and forth/etc).

How's that for contrast on the last sweet thing I said about Pete?

More random stuff:
I'm 34 weeks today! :O

We have to take our packed labor bag to our birth class next week - ZOIKS! What?!?!!

We're going to the birth center every 2 weeks now...and soon will switch to every week - WHAT?!

Hailey has been really active lately - she shoves her little foot into my right side and then will stretch out - she's doing this as I type this.

One of my favorite past times is watching my belly moving around and trying to imagine what Hailey is doing in there.

Watching my belly move is not conducive to working...