Decorating is FUN!

We went to Auburn to look at a red dresser that was listed on craigslist. Upon arriving, we discovered that this lady has a bunch of wonderful things that she and her daughter have restored and distressed (the CL pictures don't do their work justice)! My eyes went right past the red dresser to this black and white one and I knew it was just perfect for what I've imagined up in my head. Pete wanted to leave it in the garage overnight, so there it sits. I haven't even dusted it off yet (as you can see).

Here's the crib we're looking at (it's from JcPenny - good prices!):

After thinking about room decor so long last night...I've come up with a direction for the crib bedding. For the crib blanket I think black and white damask with a red trim towards the outer edge would be really cool. Add that to a white crib sheet, black bumpers and little red and white pillows for fun.

I'm kind of giving it all away here and not leaving much for surprises on what the room will be like when we're done.... I guess when I decide on a path, I am just so excited about it I can't help but blurt it all out here. :)

Oh, and here's a 20 week shot. I'm now 21 weeks, but we haven't done the pics yet.