Dream #20952

Last night was full of random weird things in my dreams...I remember bits and pieces so bear with me.

I was at the mall with Kirsten and I needed to use the bathroom. I walked to the end stall and it was full of bubbles/foam. I decided I needed to clean it. I began and under all the bubbles...there was poop smeared everywhere. It was disgusting. Kirsten finally came in 1/2 hour later to find out what was going on and if I was okay...and I showed her what I'd been doing. She said...you know, there's 5 other stalls....and I told her that I just couldn't bear to let anyone else see a bathroom stall like that.

Then we had a family gathering at our house - but it was our new house on the property I grew up on. Kendra (Pete's little sister) brought over 2 guys and her friend Brittaney. I got a random call from a guy who told me that the two guys Kendra had brought over were the worst thugs at school and that they steal and lie and cheat and to watch our purses. I tried to get the guy to tell me who he was, but he only told me that he really cared about Kendra and didn't want to see her get hurt. So...I talked to my mom about the call...and we began to check our purses and found that our debit cards were all missing. While we were doing that, the guys came in and grabbed me and pinned me down. They had knives in their hands. Meanwhile, my mom ran to tell the rest of the people there what was going on. The whole family came to the rescue as I was trying to fight these guys off. It seemed like my whole family had knives.

In the mix of it all, Courtney got stabbed (horrible I know). I was yelling for anyone to call 911. Finally we had the two bad guys pinned down and my brothers were busy beating them up when the cops walked in. I suddenly got worried that the guys were going to try to claim that they were the victims.

Somehow the dream transitioned into Pete, Kyle and myself getting on this kids train that was high off the ground...in the trees. They were worried that since there were only 3 of us on it, that it would fall off the tracks. So they started piling wood into the empty carts. I was getting off the train when my rubber boot fell to the muddy waters below. I cried and hobbled over to my mom...and she had me rinse off my foot in something that reminds me of where the 4-h kids wash off their cows at the fair.

I was back at the house and Kirsten's dad and brother were there. There were kids watching a movie and John told me he really wanted to watch the seahawks game...and would need to kick the kids off the tv at 1pm. I informed him that the game had started at 10am and he was sad. Brian (kirsten's brother) was talking to me in a heavy accent about work and the economy. I could only understand about every 5th word.

I spotted a bunch of cats outside the door...and saw that Courtney's cat Felix was there. There was also a big black fluffy cat that had a tag and wasn't owned by anyone I knew.

Amanda, Courtney's sister and me were floating in innertubes on a lake in the wilderness. A huge flock of white birds circled us and then landed in the water next to us. It was amazing. The girls were fighting over who got Felix and I resolved it by telling Amanda that Felix belonged with Courtney's family and that her sister would get him.

The End.