Dream #5698312

Last night it was Christmas time in my dream. I was all dressed up and went to the Whistle Stop for breakfast (note, it was a totally different building than where it is in real life). Pete was supposed to meet me there... I ordered oatmeal to start...and it had mini candy canes in it. I started eating it, but then decided to call Pete and see where he was at. I didn't have any service inside so I left the table and went outside to make the call. The service was in and out so I kept walking...in the rain...in high heels...on a sidewalk that was made out of 2x4's (meaning I had to be VERY careful because my heels were the perfect size to fall through).

I finally got Pete on the phone and he was still in bed. He wasn't coming. So I got lost on my walk, and I passed all these restaurants where family's were all eating together. I finally found the Whistle Stop and went in. The server ran up to me with the bill for my oatmeal and started yelling at me for leaving him without a tip on my meal. I was really upset and told him I wasn't done, that I'd just stepped out to use the phone and that I still wanted to order my breakfast and eat there. He went on and on about how rude I was for not tipping (the bill was for the oatmeal - $1.98 total). He wouldn't talk to me any longer and I was ticked that my nice Christmas time breakfast wasn't going well.

There were these 3 women waiters at the front of the restaurant and they were ignoring me...I asked if I could be seated...and they said no. So I asked if I could at least take an order to go and they gave in after I told them my sob story.

I went to the office. A co-worker (Jon) brought me all this stuff and dropped it on my desk. Phone chargers, computer cables...it was stuff he claimed was mine and he didn't want it anymore. Then he rolled a filing cabinet over to my desk...all but one drawer was empty. In that drawer were a bunch of cell phones from the 80's (not that there were many in those days). Some of the phones still powered on.

Another co-worker (Cristian) walked over to my desk and asked me if I knew the name of a Romanian singer who sings in English... I was confused and he was trying to convince me that there's this famous person I should know about who is obviously Romanian and I was clueless. He wanted to find the music so he could put it on his ipod and learn to sing better in English.

I left work and was walking up the hill from Fry's (guess it was a day for walking!). I came upon Cristian and he had his ipod on. He told me that he'd found the music he was looking for and had me listen in. It was Christina Aguilera...I was confused...but he was singing it and believed she was Romanian.

The End.