Dream #74825

So...last night I had a dream and I remember most of it.

I went on a business trip with Pete and Scott P. It was supposedly a really nice hotel we were going to stay at, but I was taken to the basement and shown my large room... The room was in the middle of the whole floor...there were doors all around it and the room walls were maroon hospital curtains and the room was a circle (so imagine doors surrounding). There was a girl hooked up to an IV in the corner of the room (hmm....circle room doesn't have corners - ok, she was in the back on the side by the curtain). The bed for me was a twin bed and there was a clawfoot tub at the end of it. Everything was white (very sterile). I could hear everything going on in the other rooms. It was all women on the floor...and they were plastic-ish (I can't decide if they were actually plastic or if they were real). I was freaked out.

I went to the front desk and demanded that they show me where Pete and Scott were staying. They lead me out to this cabin outside of the main building. It was really nice and it had plenty of beds. I asked Pete if I could stay with them and he then tried to figure out how to move one of the beds to another room so we could all be in our own room. I was excited as he couldn't quite get the bed out of the room and I ended up convincing him to let me sleep next to him (this is the weird, 'I was married, but not to him, but it was like I was married to him' part).

I woke up all cuddled up to Pete this morning and had a feeling of him being my protector and I didn't want him to get up. He got up before me (he had to go to bellingham for work today) and promptly announced that I was over the line (we've been having crowding issues lately - mostly me waking up to his elbow or shoulder being in my face so we always joke about the line in the middle of the bed).

The End. :)