Dream #89145

Last night I dreamed that I had Hailey. She was put in a room with 6 other babies. We didn't know which one she was so we picked the quietest one and left.

Then, Kirsten told me to put on this really skimpy outfit (which included a white ballerina skirt with silver edging) and to go to a bar where there was a Liberty HS reunion. The world was being bombed (everywhere) so it was all guys at the bar and they were all depressed. Kirsten told me I had to go and make them all happy by being funny and smiling a lot. So I walked in and this guy named Joe (talk about a blast from the past - haven't talked to/seen this guy in probably 9 or 10 years) told me that Pete likes me the way I am and that I didn't need to dress that way or wear makeup to try and impress him.

Then I was frantically trying to get back to a backroom where my normal clothes were...and all of my family was suddenly in the bar (which was more like a house at this point). My dad and aunts were standing in front of the door I needed to get in and I was on a mission to figure out how to get in there without my family seeing me in this ridiculous outfit.

After I got changed I went to a thrift store and found our infant car seat and snuzzler for sale there. I was really upset and couldn't figure out a good way to convince them that it was really mine and that I shouldn't have to buy it back from them...and that I needed it so I could take Hailey around with me....

Then I woke up.