Due Date

It's Hailey's due date today! We went to the birth center for the first time yesterday since she was born. She's a healthy little one and already past her birth weight! At our home visit 2 days after she was born she was down to 6lbs.

Her stats as of yesterday:
6lbs 10oz
19.5" long

She let out a little squeal when her heal got poked for the PKU test - but that was it. She's so pleasant.

We haven't quite got the sleeping pattern down yet...I get up with her 2 times a night - but where she's sleeping is what keeps changing. The first feeding is around 1 or 2am and the 2nd around 6 or 7am. This morning she seemed to want to linger...so I was up for quite a while just hoping she'd hurry up and finish eating. She was sleeping in our bed for the first week or so, but then we decided she should try out her crib....the first night in there was perfect! She would make a squeaky noise when she was hungry and I would go and feed her (and she was a really quick eater) and she went right back to sleep. The 2nd night of trying this crib sleeping wasn't so successful and she ended up in our bed for the 2nd half of the night.

Sometimes she gets too awake and just wants to lay there looking at me. It's the cutest thing, but I've found that I just lay there and look at her instead of going back to sleep. Sometimes she fusses at me until I turn the light on...then she just stares at me. I try to turn the light out and she fusses again.

One of our favorite times of the day is in the morning when daddy gets to cuddle her after her 2nd feeding and I get some deep sleep in. It's really cute to see them cuddling...and very relaxing for me to get some sleep. ;)