Easter, Potty, and Concerts, oh my!

I seriously love my little wee ones. They aren't so little anymore though. Hailey is talking up a storm these days (and not just a storm, it's a funny storm). Earlier today she was asking me "Is it up or down??" I was baking cookies at the time, and was totally and utterly confused by her question.

She kept asking, "Is it up or down, mommy?"

Me - "What do you mean, Hailey? Is *what* up or down???"

H - "Is it up or is it down??"

Me (dumbfounded) - "Uh, I'm not sure."

H - "Oh, it's a silly question, just a silly question. Hee hee. Is it up or down...  in the oven?? Ha ha, it's a silly question, I'm funny. Silly questions."

Oh. My.

She is seriously cracking me up with her random little mind. I never did figure out what she was trying to ask - she just kept giggling about how silly of a question it was and how funny she can be.

Today we played with paper, glue, beans and noodles. It was really fun to see the girls smearing glue all over their paper and then dumping piles of beans and noodles on creating works of art. Pete came home from work and noted that the floor was a bit messy. Oh, I almost hadn't noticed, the table was so full of messy mess everywhere that I just ignored the floor. I was also wearing shoes - mostly because of the mess that was being made (okay, it was actually the only reason I was wearing shoes!).

You know you're a mom of young children when you wear shoes in your kitchen because the floor is too dirty to knowingly go shoeless.

Hailey has been really excited about all of the events in our lives lately. "Do we have swimming tomorrow? How about dance, do we go to dance tomorrow? Hmmm...MOPS? Can we go to MOPS? Are we going for a run today? Can Aunt Kari and Uncle Kyle come over? Are Sylvia and Ella coming over today?? LITA and papa DON!??? I want to go to their house... Can we go to Target?"  (and so on)

In other random news, Charlotte has been going potty on the POTTY! I walked into her room to get her up from a nap a couple days ago and she said, "Poop"....I asked if she had gone and she shook her head no and then again said, "Poop" so I asked her if she wanted to go on her potty, and she said yes. Then I pulled that diaper off and she sat down on her little potty seat and pooped. Uh...what the heck?? AWESOME. So the next day (yesterday) she peed on the potty (after again, she told me, "Poop") and I was like, what the what?? Then my mom watched the girls last night and she reported that Charlotte again peed on the potty. Wow. And then again today...........she peed 1 time on the potty (and one time on the floor) and pooped 2 times on her potty! I didn't have to change a single poopy diaper today! Seriously. I'm hoping she just keeps this up and we get to say bye bye to diapers. I am loving this - even if it is just a short jaunt with the potty for now, I'm happy to have a few days of 'my kid seems to be potty training herself' glee. :) I hope I didn't just jinx myself!

Something that both girls have been doing lately, is rubbing their eyes whenever there is someone new (or someone they haven't seen in a while) around. They get shy and rub their eyes. I think Hailey learned to do this from Charlotte. People always assume they are just really tired, but nope...it's just their way of hiding, I guess.

We had a great Easter. We went up to B-ham for a wonderful time with Kyle and Kari and fam. Kari always makes the best meals and this one didn't disappoint! She always makes it look so easy, too. Seriously, nice work Kari (and thanks for hosting)!

 I failed to get a picture of the girls standing together in their Easter outfits, so I tried my best to get any where they weren't hiding their faces from the cameras (a favorite thing to do lately).

Charlotte figured out the egg hunt thing pretty quickly (after walking right past a few very obvious ones, I wasn't sure she'd catch on). She thought it was pretty cool and really liked the money she found in some of the eggs.

 Saben was the unlucky 'older' kid and had to wait a whole minute before he could start searching for eggs. The girls had a chance to collect before the master egg hunter swept the place clean.

My parents had a cute little moment in the yard. It looked like some good flirting going on, and I tried to capture a pic so I could always remember those cheerful flirting faces we sometimes don't pick up.

The kids started working out some deals with each other. Hailey didn't like some of the candy and made trades with Saben and Annika. It was pretty rad to see her negotiating her candy trades. 

Hailey ate SO much sugar (to give you an idea....there was nothing left to bring home, she ate everything right then and there after the hunt). She stayed awake on the entire drive home and was talking so much gibberish and singing the most random (and awesome) made up songs. We were cracking up. Even when we got home, she laid awake in bed singing these totally sugar fed wacky songs. Wow. Hello, sugar.

Pete and I went on a date last night (thanks for watching the girls, Mom!). We hit up Green Leaf in the international district for dinner, and then went to the Showbox SODO to see Kimbra and Gotye. AWESOME show! We never buy tickets to concerts (unless someone we know is in the band), but whenever we happen upon live music when we're out and about, we find ourselves really enjoying the show and I have often wondered why we don't make an effort to go to some shows of bands we like. So, I bought the tickets and gave them to Pete for Christmas. I am happy to report that we had a blast. I guess we've been to quite a few shows in the past, but, the tickets were usually freebies from vendors we worked with. FYI - concerts are still pretty cool - even when you're in your 30's and pay for your own tickets. ;)

It's time for bed (actually, it's way past time). But before I go, here's a picture of Hailey and Charlotte with my parents. :)